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Checking back, I've mentioned these guys a few times as I think lead guitar Jas Morris has been overlooked for long enough.

Some on here may remember Jas & Dan when they toured the Blues circuit as Morris Brothers Band some 15-20 years back, and back then they garnered plenty of news and good reports. Then, they seemed to change tack and name (Rude Tiger) and seemed to disappear back into Devon & Cornwall. And then, another name change and they became Firekind.

There is currently one full album, What I Have Found Is Already Lost to their credit; recorded a while back in L.A. and augmented last year during Lockdown; and also a brace of EPs. A heavy, prog sound but the sort of quality that shows Kris Barras doesn't own all the West Country.

The guys have announced a double-header, week-long tour of Scotland & Northern England with Yorkshire's fiesty Loz Campbell.

01 JUL WILDFIRE FESTIVAL Wanlockhead, Scotland 12:00 pm
03 JUL NICE N SLEAZY Glasgow, Scotland 7:00 pm
04 JUL TRILLIANS Newcastle, [nr]Scotland 7:00 pm
05 JUL THE JACARANDA Liverpool, England 7:00 pm
06 JUL VICTORIA VAULTS York, England 7:00 pm
07 JUL THE COUNTY MUSIC BAR Chesterfield - England 7:00 pm
08 JUL THE ASYLUM 2 Birmingham, England 7:00 pm

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Trillians Rock bar - Newcastle. 4/7/2022

Well, just back in from a rockin' hot night (on a Monday!?!) down at Trillians in Newcastle; and a double-header of new-to-me bands, Loz Campbell and Firekind really shook Princess Square. Before any rumours to the contrary start, that big pile of rubble next door, at the top of Pilgrim Street was not the rehearsal room, so they say....
Starting ladies first, Loz Campbell and her band were just aswesome. Not trying to re-invent the wheel, they were old-school rock, a little Halestorm power and Runaways' punk vibe. They were feisty, in-your-face and if you didn't like it, you should have stayed home and streamed some Adele.
However, it was the Firekind boys I was most interested in seeing, and I blame Aynsley Lister for this since I first found an obscure mention of them deep in the forum archives. Now sure to be the worst kept secret in Devon since Kris Barras, I was impressed enough by what I found searching YouTube, so the chance to catch them on their 1st visit to my backyard wasn't something I was going to pass up, and boy was I ever right, YouTube just doesn't compare when they're right in front of you. Jas & Dan have an incredible "reading" of each other, even for brothers but it's the amount of energy they put in; neither is still for more than a second; not in a "look at me" kind of way, more a "if I stop I'll spontaneously ignite" sort of way.
And the music, well, it's rockin' progressive, not quite Queensryche and not quite Rush, but every bit as powerful. A stampede of drums underpinning pounding basslines and driving riffs and soaring vocals on a selection of choice originals. As vocalist and lead guitar, you'd expect Jas to be very much the focal point yet he doesn't play it up; there's a stock of string riffs and tight breaks but he resists the urge to wander off on extended breaks, yet you get the impression that if he did, he'd melt your brain.....
I think you can guess, they didn't just meet my expectations, they flew past and left them standing. Some bands you wait a while to catch, some longer than others. Well, compared to some, I've had a comparative short wait to catch Firekind; I just hope I don't have to wait as long again before someone coaxes them backup these parts.... PLEASE!!!!
Too early yet for this show, but here's a taster from a tour last year...
Cry For Help -
If There's Any reason -

When life gives you lemons; don't make lemonade.
Give back the lemons.  Why were the lemons free?  What's wrong with the lemons?
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I've been meaning to say something about Firekind and how much I enjoy their music.  The music has a fresh Prog sound and is instrumentally well played.

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Word is, there's some new material in the can, at least one new number got a run through last week; release most probably early next year...

When life gives you lemons; don't make lemonade.
Give back the lemons.  Why were the lemons free?  What's wrong with the lemons?
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Last seen, i think in 2009, Jas & dan are slipping back into their old shoes,,,,,


I'm really excited to announce that me, Jas and D will be doing a special MBB reunion show on Saturday the 10th of September!
We will be playing a mix of original MBB songs including some classics we used to play from back in the day. Featuring special guests who will be joining us during the evening. We may even have some harmony guitars!
The night will be in memory of my old man Richard 'Dick' Morris who I know will be smiling down on us when we crack out some classic MBB favourites! Lets get the place jumping.
Note: I can’t promise we’ll look the same in the photos haha
When: September 10th 2022 (time TBC)
Where: Highweek Village Inn, Newton Abbot
Entry: Free but to be confirmed - there may be a small fee on entry

When life gives you lemons; don't make lemonade.
Give back the lemons.  Why were the lemons free?  What's wrong with the lemons?
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Re: Firekind

Message from the Firekind guys...

It's been a whirlwind couple weeks preparing for the release of our new single 'One Thing' which will be available on all streaming platforms and CD format as of THIS FRIDAY 8th DECEMBER!

We are blown away by the support and buzz around this song already. We have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears (including chipped teeth...more on that later) into this song and we are so excited for you all to be able to hear it in full!

HOWEVER, you don't have to wait till Friday to add it to your Spotify or Apple Music, you can do that RIGHT NOW via the PRE-SAVE LINK below!


Without getting into too much technical jargon, pre-saves really help with getting our song boosted on release day and may help get our song on to bigger playlists and reach a bigger audience!

Again, we'd really appreciate it (may even love you a bit) if you do pre-save before Friday. Here is the link again:

NEW SONG 'One Thing' OUT 8 DEC

We recorded the song down at Momentum Studios in Devon, UK and it was produced by the extremely talented and genius known as Josiah Manning. If any of you know the Kris Barras Band, well, you'll know he plays guitar alongside Kris. When he's not out touring he's producing amazing records at his studio (Momentum Studios).


Make sure you save, add to your playlists and play it as much as possible on Friday! It'd be awesome to leave a dent on the national/international streaming statistics!


We are really excited to announce that we are performing an exclusive and intimate gig at one of the best independent record stores in the UK!

Phoenix Sound Record Store
6 Pearl Assurance House
Queen Street
Newton Abbot
TQ12 2AQ

We are celebrating the release of our brand new single 'One Thing' with a live set followed by a meet and greet session!

We will be selling hard copies of the new single which features 2 additional bonus tracks!

It all kicks off at 2pm and is FREE ENTRY! First come first served!

Here is the Facebook event: … 992707950/

CD Format also available!

The CD format features 2 additional tracks which aren't available anywhere else! Here is the tracklisting:

1. One Thing
2. One Thing (Acoustic Version)
3. Walk In (One Thing concept idea)

Track 3 is a never before released instrumental concept idea before the track developed into the song it is today. We hope you find it interesting to hear the similarities.


If you can't make it to the launch party gig to pick up the first copies of the CD (signed if you like!) you can purchase via this early bird link right here:
If you do order the CD format, it would really help if you still PRE-SAVED the song.



We are crazy excited to announce that our new track ‘One Thing’ has been hand selected to be featured on BBC Music Introducing South West with Daniel Pascoe! It will go out live during the legendary Daniels show from 8pm - Thursday 7th Dec!

The show will be airing across BBC Radio Cornwall, Devon and BBC Sounds!

The same show will also repeated on Saturday 9th December!

You can listen to the LIVE broadcast and also the rerun via this link:

Thank you all so much for your continued support!

We are really very excited about what's to come for 2024!

Big Love!
Jas, Dan and D

When life gives you lemons; don't make lemonade.
Give back the lemons.  Why were the lemons free?  What's wrong with the lemons?
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