Topic: Is it just me or…….

Am I the only one here who feels this way?
While I respect and admire what Joe is doing now
with the large band….horns , backup singers, 2 drummers sometimes, and keyboards.
I miss the days of the power trio with Eric Czar on bass and Kenny Kramme on drums!
Joe’s playing was absolutely on fire with those two!
Eric was a monster on bass!
I know that he experimented with the power trio recently and I enjoyed that.
I realize that Joe had to “mature” musically…..but damn! He was a beast with those two in tow!


Re: Is it just me or…….

No, you’re not the only one.
The band line up and changes in musical direction have always been a hot topic.
However Joe likes to move forward and likely feels he’s “been there and done that”.
Given time he may return to his early days in a live format - who knows?


Re: Is it just me or…….

I just wish Joe would breath during his solos.
needs more space between notes, (at times)


(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)

Re: Is it just me or…….

I miss the power trio. While I like it all
I would take a  retro Joe any time now

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