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Any idea of when this album comes out?


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Haven’t heard about this, do you know if it is a reworking of the original or a new album of blues covers?
Makes sense as it’s the 20th anniversary this year.


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I saw something on Twitter or Instagram,
Think it’s a re-work but don’t quote me on that. 
Typically Joe releases a year after announcing as he records than Kevin takes a long time to mix down


(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)


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BD (1) was released in August of 2003 so likely similar time this year.


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Looking forward to this release x

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I am pretty sure I read or saw an interview where if will be new songs but as new blues covers. Just a current take on what he did before.

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Based on the stories in the two links below, my assumption is that it’ll be released in August 2023 - 20 years since Part 1 - and looks like the album will be a mixture of new cover versions and new originals; … es-deluxe/ … 2023-2022/