Topic: keep those 100 watters on in the bedroom and small gigs

I was just turned onto something called a Two Notes Captor X.
It's a DI box, an attenuator, an IR (impluse response) simulator, and silent load box all in one.

I had to get one, and it's crazy cool. You basically plug your head into it, and your cab into it.
Attenuator has 3 levels, bedroom, practice, and stadium. I used the middle setting for my last gig to keep stage volume down.
You can unplug the cab entirely if you want to play just into a computer, board, or PA.

There's 5 or 6 presets. These can be setup by your phone.
pick your cab: silver jub, marshall, vox, roland, fender
speaker size: 1x12, 2x12, 4x12 etc
speaker: Greenbacks, V30, jensen, etc
Mic: Sm57, sennheiser condenser, etc.
axis: angle and distance from speaker
room: Studio, indoor club, outdoor arena, etc.
Reverb and other settings too.

I have mine setup very vanilla with just cab/speaker/mic. No room or effects.
You can even buy IRs to load into this.
You don't have to fumble with your phone at shows... the presets are saved just fine.

So far, the PA guys love it.
Want to play your 100 watt amps at bedroom levels? This will do it. It even has a headphone jack if you want to go with no speakers.

Obviously, I'm pretty impressed so far. I usually poo-poo software-based stuff, but its simple enough on the front end, and during gigs I don't mess with any software, it's already setup in presets. smile

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Re: keep those 100 watters on in the bedroom and small gigs

I'll have to look this up, as my Webber Minimass has very limited travel in attenuation before too loud again


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