Re: What makes you laugh/smile ?

This is making me smile today….this Thread, I started it up a few years back now. I’m not here much these days, I just pop in now and again to see what’s going on.
I’m happy this Thread/Topic is still going strong - I think it’s so important to have a laugh, even through the hardiest times like the last 18 months or so we’ve all been through.

Keep posting what has made your day …laugh or smile.

Thanks everyone, bye for now

- Brack  smile

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Re: What makes you laugh/smile ?

lol lol lol  - perfect song for Nashville sticky late night drunken bar  - Bad Temper Joe - If Tears Were Diamonds - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msABXM0WyGI - and if heartaches were nickels  smile

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Re: What makes you laugh/smile ?

No, this makes me jump up and down screaming YES. My uncle taught at Jax State for many years and my aunt was the school librarian for a while. I really do dislike Florida State. I would tell you what we call the Seminoles in private but it's not appropriate here. Just look at the shocked and sad faces of the cheerleaders coming off the field, priceless


I remember pi R Squared in math class ............. wait, I know for sure Junior Sample told Grandpa "Pie are round, Cornbread are square"