Topic: Pain of sorrow - guitar effect?!

Hello JB Fans,

iam wondering what effect Joe is using in pain of sorrow.

you can hear it at the intro at youtube : /watch?v=PoS8ZBswN5o

its kind of a delay?! Can anyone tell me a specific stomp box name?!

here you can see him using it live @ 6:51


Thank you very much.


Re: Pain of sorrow - guitar effect?!

Joe really uses a effect called Fingers really well.
Pain and Sorrow has been played many times with just that effect.

but the one you're looking for is a green colored effect box put out by Line 6 as see in this video near the end


(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)

Re: Pain of sorrow - guitar effect?!

An oscillator and fingers.

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