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I got to see Florida native and up-and-comer Selwyn Birchwood last night at a local blues club (only $10, too!).  It was a great show.  He did some of the standard blues band stuff like get up on the bar and play a long solo walking across the bar. Just a good time all around.  The place was as packed as I've ever seen it, which was a good sign for things coming back.  I really dug his band, too.  Key, baritone sax, bass and drums - they sounded really fun and super tight. The baritone sax was a nice addition you don't hear too often.  He's also one of those performers that just exudes gratefulness to be there.  He had a big smile on his face from start to finish, he interacted a lot with the audience, and played great.  I had heard a few of his tunes before, but wasn't super familiar with his catalog.  I listened to his CD on the way home from the club and I really dig it.  Blues is one of those genres where, as much as I listen to it, it's definitely better live. Selwyn Birchwood's disc is a great listen.

If you get a chance, check him out if he comes near you.

Re: Selwyn Birchwood

I have had his latest album in my listening rotation this year. He reminds me a little of Bernard Allison. Mixing hard driving guitar blues and rock with a bot of funky r and b

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