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Topic: Toby Lee - new Rising Star

June 11th sees the log awaited (much delayed) debut album, Aquarius by hot prodigy Toby Lee; another youngster who was born guitar in hand…. (ouch!)
This is what drummer/mixer/songwriter/producer (and tea-boy) Wayne proctor has to say:-

Another album soon to be released, and one I’m super proud to announce Superfly Studios and House-Of-Tone’s involvement in, young guitar wizard Toby Lee’s Aquarius!
The main ‘Aquarius’ album features ten tracks, eight recorded at Superfly Studios, nine mixed/ten mastered by my goodself.
I’m also proud to say I have four songs featured on this album that are lyric/music co write/co productions with Toby and my creative partner in crime Oli Brown. ‘Take The Wheel’ ‘The Search For Happiness’ ‘It Could Be So Easy’ and ‘You Don’t Know Me’. These four songs are some of the most fun I’ve had the pleasure of writing, creating and playing drums on in the studio. A lovely open, creative writing environment, no egos, just three musicians bouncing ideas off each other and expressing ourselves.
A special mention and big thanks to Laurence Jones who very kindly recommended me and introduced me to the Lee’s. Laurence has done a wonderful job producing four tracks on the album ‘Real Love’ ‘One Foot On The Path’ ‘Key To The Highway’ and ‘Kansas’ Mixing those tunes was a real pleasure, Laurence and his band played beautifully for Toby, it was lovely to get the tracks so big and open sounding.
Toby, as expected, plays insanely well throughout, Jaw droppingly good in fact, No question a true world class guitar talent. It’s quite something to see a talent like that express itself in front you so fully formed. It was also amazing to discover there is a helluva voice hidden inside him too. Wait till you hear him sing the final track on the album ‘You Don’t Know Me’ it’s pretty damn epic!

Blowing his own trumpet? Well, you don’t get Oli Brown or Laurence Jones behind you for nowt, let alone both of them….


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