Topic: Dublin show presale code??

Hey guys,

Does anyone know how or where to get a presale code for the Dublin shows? I’m signed up to the newsletter and I’ve searched Facebook and every Joe fan site I can find and found nothing.

Can someone tell me how to get a code? And is there a specific club I need to join for this?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I’m not missing these shows!!


Re: Dublin show presale code??


Over 40 views on the topic and no one knows how to get a presale code?

I see them posted in the US tour thread here but Ireland is not anywhere. Can someone help out a fellow Bonaholic? It'd be really useful info for the future. I'm not looking for anyone to give me their code, I just want to know how I can get one myself.

Cheers again.

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Re: Dublin show presale code??

Haven't seen a word. Perhaps there is no pre sale and it is all at once. Good luck. If there is one, it usually isn't issued until the last minute to deter scalpers.

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Re: Dublin show presale code??

Cheers Rick!

Yeah it's strange alright. There was a thing on ticketmaster saying the presale begins today and I was on ready to see if it gave any more info and nothing! And now that option is gone off ticketmaster. There may not be one after all.

Can you tell me where do the codes come from? I'm subscribed to the newsletter but I've never ever gotten a code.