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Topic: Pittsburgh 5/12/12

If anyone needs tickets for the Benedum show,  I may have 2 after May 5, reason being that I told the potential buyer he had until then to let me know if still wants them.  They are 1st Tier, Right, Row A seats 52, 54 (they ARE side by side).  I'll sell them for $175.00, which will cover my cost to Priority mail them as well so that they arrive in time for the concert.  I can't commit to a sale before May 5, but if anyone wants to let me know interest level before then, that's fine.

!!!Was away for a few days, just got the chance to review this listing, and I realize that it may not be clear enough----first, the price on the tix is $175. for BOTH, not each, AND although I still can't release 'em until tomorrow, 5/6, please let me know if you're interested.  Also, as we get closer to the big day, I'll work with anybody who wants to negotiate a reasonable offer.
They won't be listed on Craigslist for Pittsburgh, since it seems that list only now  allows "dealers" to post tickets.  So, no "hustle" or "hassle" involved  here.  Thanks, and, as always, if any of this is not appropriate, moderate me!

5/6/12----OK all--I'm making these available to whoever wants them!  Let me know if interested!  Thanks.

Re: Pittsburgh 5/12/12

if you can't sell them on here...try craig's list....you might have better luck on there...good luck..(see ya at the show)

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