Topic: Red Rocks August 8 - 9 2021

Set list, review, pictures for Sunday show … vG02ACiCpY

  made a few videos with my vintage phone

    “Pain and Sorrow”

     “ Midnight Blues “

will be back with review, when my emotions will stop twirling and jumping around

Re: Red Rocks August 8 - 9 2021

Thanks again reo!!!
My BFF went to the Sunday show with her husband...Red Rocks was on her bucket list and she got the tix when they first went on sale. She said it was an amazing experience...her husband was hoping for more songs he was familiar with...not sure he has the last two albums.

Re: Red Rocks August 8 - 9 2021

I am trying to recall if i have ever been to a Joe show with a big screen...maybe the Chesapeake Bay Blues fest a few years back/
I know i wish there was a way to have one on the cruise for the pool deck shows because you can't always get a good view of the stage from everywhere. i figured the wind and other weather would prohibit that.

but anyway i liked the filming for the screen in these Red rocks vids...sometimes people filming make me nutso on what part of the band is displayed at various times...of course i like to see Joe close up but sometimes you want to see the other players and the whole stage - except when Joe is soloing lol