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Hi Joe's fans out there, Am Deepan from India an Aspiring Blues guitarist. Joe was my Mentor and am a Big fan for his music. On DEC Guitar man Movie was released nd Streaming in others platforms. But in India I can't watch it I have tried very Possible way but nothing has happened so far. So folks Can U guys Plzz send me any Downloadable link So that I can watch it out. I even searched in Torrent Sites but I can't find out. Plzz help me out guys. Am very much aspired to watch GUITAR MAN.

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Welcome to the forum. I don't know of a way to help you out.
Can you watch youtube? There was plenty of new footage on there but much of the content is from various footage that is already on youtube I think. Like parts of the Royal Albert Hall dvd and extras from other dvds and videos made during various projects. Otherwise, I am sure they will put it on dvd one day.

Here is Joe's youtube channel … SVN8nZw_IA

a couple choice links

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Lester wrote:

It’s still available on Amazon Prime and probably various other platforms but it’s not free to view, if that’s what you were hoping.

I'm guessing some of those are not available in India, and content is often region-locked even if the site itself is available.