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So I've had this Marshall DSL40C for about five years now. It died on Christmas Eve actually and I found out that one of the tubes is blown. This is the first time I've had to deal with an amp issue like this so I am a bit of a noob. However, the tube that blew is a Marshall EL34 50/14. I'm not sure exactly what these numbers mean so if someone knows that would be a good help. Also, I know Marshall came out with a newer design to the DSL's a couple of years ago and mine is not one of those, and also the only tubes I can find are EL34 50/50's. I'm not sure if I absolutely need a 50/14, but that's what the one I have actually is so I'm guessing I'd go for a 50/14 if I can find one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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well in the "old days" when Joe was actually here. and he had many good playing friends/gear nerds here as well.
they would chime in … be-reviews … 96p643.htm

don't believe the 50/50 or 50/14 means anything from all I've read
I believe this is a 'fixed bias' amp.. you're going to need to know how to set the bias as well with a tube change
note.. voltage in an amp will at best give you a buzz (aka shock), medium will paralyze you, worse.. will kill you.. make sure you know what you're doing; or you may not ever play again.


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EL34 is the main thing you want to know on the tube.
Replace ALL of the EL34's. the smaller preamp tubes can stay.
Most people buy JJ EL34L, or TUNGSOL EL34s. I prefer (and I think JB does?) TungSol.

Power tubes all have different tolerances... even within the same make/model. This means the amount of current needs to be adjusted whenever you replace power tubes. This isn't something a noob should do. Some amps auto-bias tubes, but I think the DSL40 has a bias trim pot. I'm not sure. Either way, you should take it to a amp technician (NOT GUITAR CENTER) and have them install and "bias" the new tubes. Just like guitar techs and luthiers, there is usually a handful of amp techs in every metro city. You might even just drop it off there and ask them to order you the tubes. That way, if one blows its on them and not you. They will probably also do a basic service to maintain the amp (clean and lubricate jacks, knobs, etc) and check to make sure the tube just died, and something in the amp didn't go wrong to kill that tube.

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