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Clapton could sell out in Oklahoma at twice the price. If someone didn't buy someone else would. I consider it a bargain because of that. I paid $250.00 for McCartney and $225.00 for Fleetwood Mac at the same venue. Clapton could get that If he wanted to. That's why I believe the ticket prices are more than reasonable.  They go on sale tomorrow at 10am. The house payment is due but what are credit cards for anyway.

I saw Sir Paul on the Wings Over America tour in 76. Don't know what I paid at the time I'm sure I couldn't afford it but glad I went.

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Hey Jane- In yesterday's mail I received a copy of the Philly Clapton show from one of my Clapton friends.  I'll put a copy in the mail to you.  Also, check out these youtubes of the concert on October 9th and besides being entertained by Clapton, check out this fan who I had to look through to see the stage.  Envision Doc from Back to the Future with a little bit of Johnny Winter...He was hysterical, stood and danced the entire show!!  Also, Jane, there are some bands I never got to see when I didn't have the resources, I still consider myself a dedicated fan.

David-I know what you mean about people seeing the Stones, old vs. new. I went to see Dylan because I've always liked him, never saw him and he's a legend. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little disappointed and regretful I didn't see him in his prime, but I have no regrets about seeing him, even if he didn't play his guitar.  His band was great and overall it was a good experience.  Look at some of the younger generation enjoying our great music.  It's easy to justify seeing the Stones if you weren't even born when they were in their prime.  Also, many devoted fans don't care if they aren't in top form as recordings, they still are entertaining, even if they look half-dead, as some say, it's all subjective anyway.  I admire their spunk and their Long Live Rock N' Roll attitude!!!! There was a list earlier in the year in GuitarOne about all the guitarists that the magazine thought should retire; Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana were listed.  I wrote to the editor and gave him a piece of my mind...No one should lay down their guitar until they want to. The list was obviously printed to stir up controversy, which it did...the magazine never had so many responses and a dad wrote in about telling his son that Jimmy Page was on the list...the kid set fire to the article!  That says it all!!!

Patty-I share your sentiments about seeing Paul McCartney.  We paid $250 each, $500 to see Paul from the 5th row in The Atlantic City Convention Center.  For the first and only time in my life, an aquaintence had a connection to get us tickets at no additional mark-up. Hubby says I'm the spender in the relationship, but his guitar collection habits are way more expensive...although we mutually justified the price, he's a HUGE Beatles fan also.  I'd seen Paul with Wings, had horrible seats and looked at a screen the whole time.  Seeing Paul up close and personal like that is a memory I will forever treasure!! I've said it more than once, seeing Paul McCartney up close and personal was the highlight of my adult life, besides getting married and having children, of course!  I LOVE Paul and I LOVE the Beatles, they were my first music love; one never forgets their first love.  I never got to see them, but have seen Paul and Ringo-hubby got to see George, so he saw 3 of them.  Long live the music of the Beatles!!!!

And Clapton fans-Someone mentioned there was an announcement on Derek Trucks site that he won't be part of Clapton's band after March 18th.  Jim I think OKC lucked out.

And speaking of concert prices...Barbra Streisand opened her tour in Philly,  the top seats at regular ticketmaster price were $750-same arena Clapton played for top seats $125.  She rarely tours, she's not going to a ton of cities, which made the demand higher to see her and I guess that's how they came up with that price.

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thanks I guess Clapton is still a deal comparatively speaking but also still out of reach for many.
when i get famous, i promise all my friends here the best seats - cheap smile
i just had a good idea for a novel...which reminded me of this Joe fan who I think was writing a novel once with a rock and roll twist
sorry to go off topic

just as bad as not having the $$ to see the show of your dreams is not being able to get a decent seat if you did scrounge up the funds
anyway one thing i know many of us dread is Joe's concerts being costly and hard to get into

i might get an extra job to see Joe on stage with Clapton

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$100 for the tickets in Houston isn't bad........$25 service charge so that I could download and print them myself is kinda steep. Still a bargain. Lots of costs involved in a show of this magnitude - takes a lot of money to run these big venues, trucks for gear, busses for band and crew, advertising/promotion, and then the promoter tries to make a little money as well (not as much as you think).

I don't fret about it (pun intended). If its something I think is too high, I just don't buy it. No sense spending time complaining or thinking the 'man' is keeping me down....just move on. I'm pretty sure there is no conspiracy against me if it is something that I think is too expensive.

Lots of people are paying THOUSANDS of dollars for the new PS3..........and I'm sure quite a lot of those felt it is worth it and also didn't have it in their budget. Might have even charged it on a credit card. To each his own.

Put a check mark next to the Clapton concert on my 'life list'!


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All I gotta say is thank goodness there is still good entertainment to be found like Joe who you don't have to sacrifice your first born to see. The hell with Clapton, the Stones and whoever else charging outrageous ticket prices. They don't care about their fans who would like to see them but can't afford it.