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Libby wrote:

You think YOU had a great year, Joe...... WE had a great year because so much of it was spent listening to, watching, talking to, and following YOU!!!  LOL!!!  I'll bet there had to be a time or two this year when you scratched your head and thought....... hmmmm....... didn't I just see her at the last show..... all the way across the country??  Yes, I did take my Joe shows a bit seriously this year.  We thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them, as well as each opportunity we had to chat with you.  We are also very happy to have witnessed for ourselves the incredible people who DO surround you, beginning with the AWESOME THREESOME who make up your band, as well as your terrific road crew, and, finally, your management - and yes, most especially Roy.  What a great guy.  smile  I'm also very grateful to the people who work very hard for you, quietly, on a daily basis, running the Street Team and this Forum.

Speaking of which, I thank you VERY personally, and deeply for the GREAT gift of this place.  It has brought me unbelievable joy in the form of awesome people, DEEP and abiding friendships, exposure to other artists (both new and old), an ongoing education,  technical savvy, and opportunities to stretch and grow and give ...... I could go on and on...... but, especially the friendships, Joe.  I don't know if you truly have any concept of the incredible things that begin on the Forum and end up as a permanent, beautiful addition to our lives.  That's the way it's been for me anyway. 

We thank you for the music...... for Live From Nowhere In Particular, and for all of the LIVE shows where we WERE Somewhere In Particular.  We thank you for your professionalism and your demand for perfection.  We thank you for your hard work and generosity.  We thank you for the opportunity to experience YOU an incredible thirteen times in 2008.  We look forward to the new album, and to many more dates in 2009, even if Royal Albert Hall won't be one of them.  We hope you understand that that is not a reflection of a lack of support.....  we WILL be there in spirit ........ and, if you concentrate, you'll recognize me......I'll be the ghostly image shooting stills with one hand and video with the other, as I've been known to do a time or two ....... front row, center, of course.  LOL.    wink   Cheers, Joe!! 

All best wishes,

Libby  smile

P. S.  Great congratulations on your incredible weight loss........ it's not easy, I know.  Also ........ WELCOME BACK TO CALIFORNIA !!!!!!   

Note:  Bob's your uncle is the equivalent of "so, there you have it".  tongue

Your a lucky girl Libby!

I don't think I could have met as many people with the same birth date at a packed show at Madison Square Garden as I have here. Unless it was Joe B playing at the MSG...:O wink:):)

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Roll on sweet February...

...who uses a Mac these days??? Pffft

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Well, as everyone has said: thank YOU Joe -  you and your guys have deserved each and every bit of the success. It´s been so great to see so many new faces at the shows (a lot of young kids too!), to see the RAH sell out in 6 days and most of all to see you guys always giving your best and putting your soul into what you´re doing. That´s the reson for your success and the reason why we all love this band - you are all not only outstanding musicians, who are playing this wonderful "soulshine-music",  but also a bunch of funny, down to earth and nice people. You rock (not only with the V...)! smile


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Hope your having a relaxing time down there at Mr Shirley's in Malibu , He just ain't a Brilliant Record Producer seems like you found a real friend there Joe. And has been said before you've surrounded yourself with wonderful honest people who've stuck by you , Plus we've all been down down that road before but you learn to become more alert and stronger , life's learning curve ,
So from all your fans here and around the world we are all so priveliged to have found your music which has changed alot of our lives because it is so strong in emotion and soul ( plus there's a few tasty licks in there too wink )
You are an exceptional artist and performer that the world is waking up too and taking notice of and most of all your songs are Always Very Very Good and Cross the line into Rock & Blues Classics , Your Live Shows Are Absolutely Awesome in Power Energy and Entertainment Plus you've remained Honest and Down to Earth
Good Luck in 2009 Joe and I'll See Ya The Crossroads on May 4th

2008 Was Great ..... 2009 It's Time

................................... Michael

PS ... Rick Say's "Bob's Your Uncle"     I Say "Robert's Your Dad's Brother"       cool

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'08's a wrap and on to '09, more shall be revealed. Remember JB, it's a big world out there and "miss right" is out there just waiting to meet you. I got blindsided by cupid recently, sometimes you never see it coming. Keep it rollin' Joe and I'll see you at the next one.

                                                                                                  Happy New Year,

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Thanks Joe for all you and the Band has given to us Fan´s in 2008
i mean honestly witch fan can say that he can easy talk to His Best Musican ....there are not mutch i think who rally have an Ear for there Fans ..we can do it here on the Board ...Thanks again

Your Musik is unique ,your Crew is Great.... Brilliant Shows
your Management is incredible !!!

95% sould out venues speak for them selfs
and i think thats just the beginning.. 2009 the RAH DVD Push´s it again on a Higher level   !!!

if there was a wishlist for 2009 i wished
maybe some more originals written By Joe Bonamassa
.... because  we know you are a brilliant songwriter too but feel free
Greetz and , health, luck, for the New Bona2009


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Congrats on an amazing 2008 Joe!  2009 should be even better!!!  Look forward to seeing you finally perform at the Landmark.

L8r... John

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Joe, If you thought 2008 was good, you ain't seen nothing yet - but I think you kinda know that already. wink

Thanks for all your hard work this year, but above all thanks for being the generous and modest person you are, who also just happens to be the best blues rock guitarist this side of Mars. smile


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Hey Joe,
I'm so glad you're finally getting the recognition you deserve after all these years.  Ken and I caught 5 of your shows in 2008 and each of them was spectacular.  We really are so sorry you had to endure heartache during your most successful year, but if you haven't figured it out already, it's the downs in life that really make you stronger. 

Anyway, I so miss your daily 15 minute Sirius radio show. I'm looking forward to hearing you back on the radio here in the U.S. in 2009.  Congratulations again on selling out the RAH.  Have fun back in L.A. but please come back and see us down here in Central Florida.  We really miss you.

Thank you for being the best ENTERTAINER in the business and for being the genuine person that we've all come to love.  We look forward to seeing you in '2009'.  May it be the best year ever....

Happy New Year,

Susan smile

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Hey Joe,

Thanks for giving Carmine a job.  He likes to rock and he needs to stay busy.  Idle hands, idle mind, devil's playground and all that happy horsecrap, you know. 

Also I congratulate you for your vision and your work ethic.  You ARE in the ENTERTAINMENT business.  Words don't often fail me, but I'm at a loss now.

You are a class act.

MuchLove and MoBettaBluesRock
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Dearest Joe,

May new love find its way to your heart, so that Old Love will leave you alone...

Your talent and humble aura continue to amaze me!!

Thanks for being YOU! smile  Best wishes for a very Happy New Year!


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Re: My Year in review...2008


Thanks for your warm thoughts on 2008...What a great way to start the week back from the Holidays...Thanks again for all that you do...I know that the term "role model" is overly used, especially in sports...But, I can truly say that you are a true role model...You are true to your family, true to your fellow band members, true to your fans and true to your vision of what you are pursuing as both an entertainer and a businessman...

Most importantly, you are true to yourself...Your beliefs, lifestyle, priorities, emotions...You are genuine...The real deal...And I think that is very unique in this day and age...

I saw some great live shows in 2008 and look forward to seeing you again in 2009...Starting in Columbus on 3/1 as a warm up to the RAH experience that we are holding our breaths for...

Congrats on the 60 lbs....I am currently at 52 and you have been my role model in that regard too...

Keep on keepin on my friend...We love the ride...


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Hey Joe, im not here to post about me, but i too have had a fantastic year, and hopefully more to come in my teen years. Thanks to you, I have broadened my taste in music and guitars, but above all, my guitar playing, you've shown me that there is so much more out there to achieve on the guitar, and within the space of a year, i have become pleased with my playing as i have learned that taste is as important and technical ability.
I have had a fantastic year, and with a little music to listen to, have gotten over tonnes of school work, fears of things i am no longer afraid of (ie, death), made me a better person and henseforth, found new friends and lovers, lost weight, relaxed more often, (eg) taken holidays, gone into a new year of school feeling more intelligent than ever, done more with my life, by going out more, in other words, being more outgoing, been better with money, so ive become less stingey, and more of a giving person. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family this time of year, and felt more grown up with my friends now. It has been a year to remember, and with your inspiration on the way, these last twelve months have proven a lot of competition for any other year that gets thrown at me. But above all, the highlight of my whole year, and maybe my entire life, has been to birth and forming of my new band back in August, COLT 45 has taken my mind to new heights, and i've never had so much fun, and if my playing hadnt improved by practising due to listening to your masterpieces, i might not have had the confidence to go out and gig with the band i have formed. We've played festivals, venues, clubs, pubs, and ive loved every moment of it!
Another thank you to the members of this forum, which are probably THE friendliest and kindest souls ive ever had the privelage to talk to.
Happy new year every body, i'll certainly look back and miss this year, but take every moment of '09 as best as i can.
Thanks again

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Re: My Year in review...2008

Just a big thanks to you all.Cant wait for RAH and Cardiff.

Re: My Year in review...2008

Thank you Joe. Thanks for coming to lil' ol Missoula, Montana. Thanks for all the great music and for writing and performing honest heartfelt music.

Happy New Year

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Hey Joe,

Sorry this is 7 months after the fact (I'm playing catch up on the forum as I am relatively new) but what on earth happened in Georgia that was horrible?  Of course, if it is personal, by no means do you have to share.  It just makes me feel bad because I live in Georgia.  I always want people who visit and/or live temporarily in my home state to at least leave with good memories.  I am going to see you perform in Atlanta for the first time ever in October '09 (and am ten shades of happy that I have that opportunity!).  After reading this, I just hope that your bad experience hasn't soured any and all future visits to GA for you.  We in Georgia absolutely LOVE you!

Can't wait!  I'm in row F and seriously, about about to lose my mind from excitement smile  You're my guitar hero and it is going to be awesome to finally see you live! smile

Take care!

Joe Bonamassa wrote:

Hey Everybody,
             I've just walked in the door in Malibu California,(many thanks to Kevin Shirley and family for letting me stay in their very wonderful beach house) officially moved back after the horrible experience in Georgia.  I have been doing a lot of thinking about the whirlwind that was 2008. I m typing on my new computer, (thank you very much  Bob and everybody at APPLE ) So were do I start.. Well professionally it was the absolutely the best year of my life.  We had the best crowds, played the best venues of my career.. I cant believe all the things I have worked for the last 20 years are coming true.. Its like a surreal dream.  I only have all of you to thank. I am were I am because all the fans that have gone beyond human expectations to support me and my band.  I have recieved hundreds of congrats about selling out Royal Albert Hall in 6 days.. I dont deserve them.. You do.. !!!! So again thanks from not only myself, but from Carmine, Rick Bogie, and everybody behind the scenes that make this show run on a daily basis.. Warren, Dave, Aaron Colin, Alex, Rachael , Nick, Derek, Simon, accountant Rick, Harry,Andrew, Neil and especially Roy. all in all some 20 people who work very diligently on behalf everyday.  So my thanks goes out to them especially..  Personally you all know by now.. not a great year for JB.. Got a great album from it and I move on.. She is not worth discussing.  I lost 60 pounds total..  and to clear up some rumors its not because Im taking drugs...!!!!  It was lifestyle change that has seen me enjoy the sight and smell of food rather than the taste of it..  I got fat on some success and it showed..  Well as Rick would sat Bobs your uncle.  Anyway thank you for another great year, thanks to Planet Rock and Sirius Radio for doing the radio shows..  I m having a blast even though we are not doing the Sirius show anymore.. I plan on doing a radio show in the US in 2009..   
All the best for the new year..
Joe Bonamassa

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Ga Boy:

Some Peach had a pit!  SHE not worth the bla bla...

wink  Welcome.

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Re: My Year in review...2008

And thay-it pit war Hell! Git thee bahind me Satan!
On a sweeter note jvandermaas, Welcome and fret not unless it is a musical instrument, I'd say Joe Bonamassa thinks Georgia just peachy, but,... some things 'bout Georgia ain't gonna stay on his mind ya know? He'll be back in black in an AC/DC kind of rocking way one day soon!

Keep the Faith, Georgia on Your Mind, but Tara........barra mask scarra Plbbbbbbbbt, Rock Quarry On,

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