Topic: Joes camera policy?

Anyone know what Joes policies  on cameras are? I noticed that Jane said there were no cameras allowed at Blues Alley. Does Joe still stick around afetr his shows to sign things?


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Re: Joes camera policy?

I know one thing... Joe always signs things. Thank you, Joe. As far as photos go, Joe always lets people take them - unless the venue says otherwise.

Re: Joes camera policy?

      Joe allows photos to be taken,but if you are in a small venue please do not use a flash most artist don't like it. Joe will sign anything you have,i had joe signed 13 photos after the late show at blues alley on sunday nite and joe and mark were kind enough to talk to me about the music business and other blues artist for about 45 minutes after the show,i'am thinking of opening a blues club after i retire,but after talking to them i'am not sure now. Joe and Mark if you read this thanks again for your advice and i will see you in hagerstown in june