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Due to changes in the near future I will be giving up my position as Northern CA Street Team Coordinator. I have enjoyed my time and had great success in getting Joe media coverage and airplay. I will be happy to pass on all the contacts I have made over the last few years to my successor.
I am not leaving the street team, just taking a break until things settle down. Anyone interested in taking over should email Stu Craig for the time being. If you want to learn more about what I have done feel free to email me directly:  diverson@pacificjetting.com

I have met many great people thru this website and will stay in touch.

David Iverson

Re: Northern CA Coordinator position open

David, you rock brother. Stay in touch. We can't thank you enough for all your efforts!


Re: Northern CA Coordinator position open


Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad I had to meet you in Reno a few years ago. I will keep in touch and plan on continuing my street team efforts in the near future.


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Hey David you know I am not in CA but besides the specific contacts, if you care to , please share with all of us any specific techiques - general avenues - that helped you get the sucess with the media especially. stuff people anywhere can try.

Re: Northern CA Coordinator position open


Hey Bro, so great meeting you in Reno a couple of years back.
The shows you have sent have been sent to others around the country. Have enjoyed the new bands you introduced to me also.
Thanks for your efforts in No. Cal. to spread the gospel of Joe and The Boys.
You better stay in touch with the Board!

I will email you off-line.


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