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Looking for other Joe followers to help me make this show a bang up in Columbus, Ohio.  To quote Pink Floyd, is there anyone out there.  Really want to make this one fly.  Help. Want to get ideas and bodies flowing,  Please get back to me.

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Thunder, One way to promote Joe's appearance is to work with the local blues society in Columbus. I checked the Blues Foundations roster and found out there is an affiliate in Columbus.
Columbus Blues Alliance
1350 W. Fifth Avenue, Ste. 10-D
Columbus, OH 43212
United States
Tel: 614.486.4575
Fax: 614.486.4575

I involved the local Blues Society in Tulsa at Joe's last show there and they directly sold 60 tickets and no telling how many indirectly. They will post the show on their websites and even blast e-mails to their members. There is a contact at the Blues Foundation He handles promotions with the local societies as well as radio promotions. 

Let them know about Joe's upcoming show and inform them that Joe is on the Board of Directors. He also is active with Blues in the Schools. His schedule doesn't allow for him to do as many as he once was doing but it is an opportunity to get a little PR. Contact the entertainment writers and see if they have heard of him. If not direct them to the website. They usually have e-mail contact info listed somewhere.

The great thing about promoting Joe is his Bio which I believe has been updated on the site make very interesting story opportunities.

If I could point specificaly to one thing that has made shows in Oklahoma successful it is getting local media attention. You can buy all the advertising in the world and it doesn't do any good if nobody has heard of Joe. You have to inform people why you need to go see Joe. The print media does that. If you get a little press which in reality is free advertising and they can talk people in the door Joe will do the rest.

Radio if there isn't a radio station that will play Joe during regular programming there might be a blues show. Request Joe. Tell the DJ about the date and he might mention it on the air.

Go to the local music stores and put up fliers. Melissa has them available for download at the fansite. Also get a copy of the instructional DVD and or Rockpallast to them. I have given copies to Guitar Center. One time Joe popped in to do a little shopping before a show here and much to his surprise he was on the in store video monitors. If you can't afford to donate a copy. Melissa might be able to help you there getting promotional copies for you.

These suggestions will work in Anytown America not just Columbus and can be accomplished with an army of one if need be. Just in case you don't garner any help. I think you will have some help since Ohio has been very good to Joe in the past. Don't forget that the new Street Team coordinator is Melissa from Youngstown.

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Thanks for the help and the quick reply.

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thanks Jim and good update on the bio, that definitely helps with these type of efforts
can't wait till Joe's playing Towson or Baltimore again and I can try out some of these
looks like he's got Annapolis and DC pretty much sold out already but  i   guess getting some press sure wouldn't hurt