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A low key start.  Unfortunately the venue announced that Joe would be onstage at 8.45 and he actually started at 8.40 so many of the audience were still in the bar, which led to a lot of standing up so people could shuffle past to their seats. (All seated in this venue)
A shout out to the support band - Stone Sole River - a cheerful bunch who played well from a standing start.
Joe is without doubt one of the best modern blues guitarists working today.  Scary to think what he might become as he gains experience.  Without blowing too much sunshine up his you-know-what, I'd say that his skill at combining traditional blues with ethnic styles, together with good old fashioned rock 'n roll is without equal.  But...there's always a 'but' one of probably 150 guitarists in the audience, who took their wife along - a good test of any band!! - I felt that the 'show' was overall more educational than entertaining.  I've heard Joe's albums and there are some cracking songs on them, so there shouldn't be any need to do 10 minute solos on quite so many.  And a drum solo...Please?! NO!  The band are very capable too but in danger of becoming cliched.  I've got the 'Rockpalast' dvd and there's a spark in that which I felt was missing last night.
I know Joe reads this so please don't be offended mate.  You are without doubt one of the very best guitar players I've had the privilege to hear.  You've obviously worked very hard to be so good and much of your playing was beautiful and moving, (with tones to die for) but you're not only playing for other musicians!  Work up a decent show and you'll be one of the biggest draws in the world!!  Happy trails guys.

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I guess I'm different. I like solos. In fact, I look forward to them. I wish they would all do a solo. Whenever I listen to a song on the radio and there's no guitar solo; it's a disappointment.

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Thanks for your response.  I agree about solos - indeed many great songs are great because of the solos.  I know when I was a kid I could whistle the whole solo from Clapton's version of Crossroads.  The point I was making was that it would have been great to hear more songs rather than long 'self-indulgent' (wife's words not mine!!) solos that didn't add a great deal to the particular song.
Don't get me wrong I think that Joe's playing is very, very special but I'm afraid that at one point I lost track of which song he was playing!!
I'll still go and see him again and will recommend him to others too.

P.S. In English the numbers 04/10 mean Oct the 4th, not the US tenth of the review is for the latest UK gig.

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pattyluvsjoe wrote:

oh, there are those two words again that push me over the edge........grinding my teeth right now sad

Relax Patty smile , he's just giving his honest opinion and sharing that of his wife's. Joe has said before he welcomes criticism and he's not dissing Joe in my opinion.
I like how he expalined why he made his suggestions and how he wasn't telling Joe what to do, merely sharing his opinion, like when I say I would love Pain and Sorrow back in the set list or how I want him to cover Green Manalishi, I know Joe doesn't want to hear that all the time but its important for me to know he knows thats my preference and maybe influence his decisions, etc. If I didn't say it he wouldn't know, not saying it to critisize Like what Bluesboy said 'I'll still go and see him again and will recommend him to others too.'

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Thanks're right on the's only my humble opinion (and that of my wife!)  But I remember hearing an interview with Ian Dury (of Blockheads fame) who said that 'at the end of the day, people go to gigs to be entertained!'
I'm a gigging guitarist myself and have learned over the years that a 'good show' will please more people more of the time than any amount of fretboard gymnastics.  Having said that the crowd at the Customs House gig absolutely loved Joe (and believe me they are a very discerning bunch of drunkards...LOL)
So hurry on back Joe!
Happy trails.  B.B.

P.S. Patty watch those teeth...nobody loves an angry bunny!

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Nicely said everybody.  That is what the forum is about sharing ideas, thoughts, comments and emotions.  We are all individuals have opinions that vary which is good... 


Music is good for the Soul...

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Interesting notes..................and such civilised debate.
pattylovesjoe comments didn't appear on my computer though ??

I personally love Joes guitar solos - they are so beautifully crafted and moving. I don't seem to get turned on by the widdlings of Satch and the like so it's not just the guitar sound that does it - it's the emotion that comes out of it, and I think Joe has that in Grand Canyonne proportions.
I bet he could make a rubber band sound soulful.

I think Joe and the guys do a great show. I've never seen anyone get so close to the audience and share his feelings. I'd welcome more bass prominence (Mark does some great playing which may go un noticed by non guitarists) and I'll even forgive the drum solo as Bogie's such a likable guy - and he didn't overdo it.

Keep bending those strings.

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Must strongly disagree with bluenose I only love bunnies when they are angry