Topic: Building a new strat--suggestions on bridge

I have decided to piece together a strat. My 2nd actually. The first is a white 91 Am Std Strat body with a Warmoth 7.5 radius Maple Neck/Clapton profile back, and 6100 jumbo frets. Its a great neck. The pickups have changed many times and I have some Suhr V60 LP singlecoils on the way. I had Fralins but they didnt do it for me. To polite.

Anyway, I was wondering about the bridge. Does the vintage style with screws differ in tone compared to the 2 post style of the newer strats?

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Re: Building a new strat--suggestions on bridge

I prefer the vintage style bridge.  I don't know if there is necessarily a huge difference in tone, but the feel and look is definately different.  I have an American Standard and an American Deluxe V Neck which both have the two post bridge.  I also have a Custom Shop '56 Relic Stratocaster which has a gold vintage style bridge.  All three guitars are great, but my '56 is definately my favorite and the bridge has a lot to do with that.  From what I understand, the vintage style bridges are a lot harder to setup because of the six screws, and if they aren't setup correctly there can be lot's of problem with the guitar returning to pitch correctly after using the tremolo arm.  My bridge was setup really good from the factory, so I haven't encountered any problems.  The vintage bridge feels a lot stiffer (which I like) than the two post bridges.  It probably has something to do with the springs.