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I posted some of this in the Joes Tones topic but wanted to give it its own title. I got an email from Robert Keley today or actually two emails. His first reply to me about the pedals Joe uses of Keeley is this:
Howdy sir!
Thanks for your interest!  Joe seems to use the Keeley pedals more often in the studio than on the road…or at least it appears that way.  I know he uses the compressor and he has used both the Java Boost and Fuzz Head live.  He also has a DS-1, TS808 of ours and a DD-3 we modded if I’m not mistaken.  It is hard to say for sure anymore since we have given him pedals over a few years.

I hope that helps,  you can also check out my web site for pictures of the first time we met and him testing our some effects then.

Thanks so much for your interest!


Keeley Electronics, Inc.

6400 Industrial Blvd.

Edmond, OK 73034

I then emailed him back thanking him for his time to email me and told him I was part of the fan club and he allmost immediately emailed be back with this:
Howdy sir!
Please ask more…I’m sure I can answer more questions.  I’ve seen his rig evolve a bit over time and can help a little bit more if you have specific questions.


Keeley Electronics, Inc.

6400 Industrial Blvd.

Edmond, OK 73034

And there yah have it. Sounds like he deals with Joe on a regular basis! We will have to email himevery so often to see if Joe has changed his pedal board. Sounds like Joe is still searching for that unique sound of his own(not that I dont like his tone allready!!) by changing up on a regular basis.


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Re: Joes Tones and Pedals from Keeley

Robert is a great guy. With great products. And his customer service is unequaled. I've been using many of his pedals for several years.

I first had him Mod my DS-1. I was so impressed I went into my closet and sent him my RAT and Tube Screamer. The difference is amazing. Has to be heard to be believed.

My Favorite is his Blues Driver Mod. Sooo sweet. I've been using a Keeley Comp for several years and Have one of his Cry Baby Wahs too. All three have been in my gig-rig for nearly 3 years. I love all of them, but the Blues Driver would have to be my "desert Island" pedal of choice.

As you can see, he's a great guy to deal with. I'd encourage every guitar player to check out his stuff. Shoot him an email. He'll answer all questions and go to great lengths to help you with your tone.