Re: Joe's Amps....

Codotone wrote:

Yeah I am curious as well, are the Budda SD 35,45, & 80 watters, are they circuit board or point to point?  They are defintitely pricey, Joe gets a good sound out of em, but I wonder if the Silver Jubilees aren't  really the amplification heart and soul.  I have been looking into buying a newer high end amp set up, I have a bunch of vintage fender Super reverbs from the 60's the vintage stuff is too unreliable.

If I could make an educated recommendation, look into Rivera amps.
Do some research on who Paul Rivera is.
I have owned all kinds of amps and have been happy with Riveras for five years now.  They are a two channel amp (bass/mid/high) Marshall channel and (high/mid/bass) Fender channel.  The marshall Channel is dirty blues with a distortion gain, and the fender channel has a clearer and full twin rever clean channel with a "ninja boost" ballsy clean gain.
Definitely do some research on ebay on how much they cost, and harmony central on the user reviews.

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