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Hi there,

this morning in my car on the way to work I listen to Bloodlines album and no. 10 "Since You're Gone" came through the speakers... with this brilliant lovely sweet Leslie-Guitar....  I said to myself I gotta ask this here...

Does anyone know (probably yourself, Joe, if you maybe read this) whether this was a real Leslie driven by an some kinda tube-amp?... and if yes what type of amp?... or a maybe this old KORG unit K-something ???

Would love to know... I am freaking out for guitarsounds thru Leslie... and this one is definetly one of the best I ever had heard...

Joe, you're my sound-wizard  smile

Thanks for your music... unfortunately I couldn't be there in Lorsch and today in Aschaffenburg.... so, rock them houses...  *LOL*

...and forget about those F§(=/$& trolls of the boards... they are everywhere... no matter whether it is a board EC, rabbits, cars... you name it...

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Re: Leslie Guitar on "Since You're Gone"

I don't know what was used on the Bloodline album, but my guess it was the Korg G-4 that Joe has used (until recently) for years. The following link has some good information and sound files. You can usually find one on eBay, but they're fairly expensive.


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Re: Leslie Guitar on "Since You're Gone"


thanks for this cool page...
yeah that's the one I have heard of... he also shows it in his DVD
probably it was this through some kinda Marshall Amp...
I would be it was a Marshall  wink


Re: Leslie Guitar on "Since You're Gone"

Wouldn't be a Korg G-4 since the album came out in 1994 and the Korgs were made only in 1995.

Re: Leslie Guitar on "Since You're Gone"

OK... thanks... so maybe it was a real Leslie...