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Topic: Mohican Blues Fest

Well you did it again Joe by knockin` my jaw clear into next week! I have seen you perform four times now and three of which were with a couple of Harley riding buddies while out on the open road.  The first time was in Clio Michigan, 2003 on our way back from Harley Round Up.  Second show was in Sandwich Illinois, on our way to Sturgis 2004.  This last time at the 2006 Mohican Blues festival, finishing our Blue Ridge/Tennessee vacation heading back to Michigan.  I think we are about the luckiest guys in the world to have had the opportunity to catch you perform while on our bike journies!  You are trully an inspiration in my world as a Great Blues Performer and overall good guy!  At all the shows you have been cool and very receptive signing/taking pictures with and just plain taking time to stop and say Hey! We really enjoyed the Mohican Blues Fest and thought it was a fantastic show>  I personnaly loved your acustic set as I love to jam too!  Great job  to the sound crew  and the personel running the campground too. Well Joe, I believe you are going to become one of , if not the greatest guitarist in the Blues world! Congradulations
on the new Bus you best believe you freakin` deserve it!

ps  If you `re ever in need of a good stage hand or roady count me in I` d be there in a heart beat!