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Blueswax (e-mag of Blues Review) is having their annual contest for Blues Artist and Blues  Album of the year. First is the nomination process. Then a list of finalists will be announced and there will be 1 month to vote. Joe has won this before and it would be nice to repeat (esp,. this yr)..So..send an e-mail to the certain to put 2007 Blueswax nomination as e-mail title. (Their rule). The nominees will be named 1/3/08..Voting for finals 1/3-2/3/08. Let's rock this vote too!           Cathy

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Done!  big_smile

--Vik cool

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Sent mine in,

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Again Blues Wax e-zine is accepting nominations for their awards for album and artist of the year award. Blues Wax has been supportive of Joe in the past but it appears he has fallen from the radar screen. Their nomination process was changed last year and no telling what it is this year so I would like to bring up Cathey's suggestion to vote to nominate Joe in both catagories. Wouldn't hurt to send a little note with your vote explaining why you think he deserves this honor.

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Email sent! smile


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Mission accomplished.   cool  Joe ! Joe ! Joe !  cool

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Nomination posted.
I must confess that I have posted two nominations. I don't know if that is allowed.
My first nomination is obvious. My second is Seasick Steve, 'Dog House Music'.
I don't know if there are more fans of him on this site, if there are let me know.

He is another who has attracted a following this side of the water.


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Done here too !

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Dear Editor:

  Please accept my nominations for Best Blues Artist of the Year, Joe Bonamassa, and Best Blues album of the Year, Sloe Gin by Joe Bonamassa.

Joe Bonamassa has transmuted the Blues idiom such that it has one more stretch mark on its' fat-bellied body of works.  Thanks for your consideration and keep up the good work always!


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