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Topic: Weight gain/weight loss

Hi fans,

Am I the only one who is concerned about Joe's healthy existence as that he gained so much weight and in one video I saw of a performance of him on KTBA2 I think it was( unfortunately I cannot find the link right now, sorry), I hardly recognised him OMG!! He seems not as agile and I don't know, I did not feel any enthousiastic vibes coming off from him in comparison to so many other earlier performances I watched.

I don't want him to get a stroke or heart disease and I want him to take care of his body as well as his mind (which often go together). He is still a young, and could be, handsome most talented on this planet guitarist with a tremendous (sexy) blues voice!!

All I want is the best for him and that we fans will be able to enjoy many more of his music !

Re: Weight gain/weight loss

Very good