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My name is Pablo. I live in Spain, i found this amazing forum 2 days ago and i wanted to introduce myself.

I was hearing Joe already but with the "tone" i heard on the live Greek Theater recording i started to follow his publishing and notes and discs and gigs and everyting i would check. That tone it was stuning. Since then i'm trying to on my way and with my humble skill and gear try to replicate that "nasal sound" which is epic.

At the end i found my sound with the 2555x reissue and a Tokai Les Paul Old Reborn.

So 2 days ago we were watching a gig on London of Joe in Facebook and we found out this forum checking the set up of his 2555. We saw an answer on this forum.

I'm trying to deal with the "10" master volume part of the set up smile but all the rest is at this moment done smile

I will be checking this forum because I love to hear Joe writing or talking about tone with Les Paul guitars specially.

Thank you for this community!!!


Re: Hello from Spain

Welcome to the Forum, Pablo and good luck to you with your playing and finding Joe's tone.

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Re: Hello from Spain

Part of Joe’s tone comes from the fact he rarely uses a guitar volume and tone set to 10. He’s a believer in able to adjust up or down. And even I think he said his solos might hit 9 on the guitar never 10. That way you can ‘roll back for clean’
Also he sets his amps at the (just over) the edge of breakup.


(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)