Topic: Joe Bonamassa/Gene Simmons

Don't get me wrong....I love Joe and his music...huge supporter!
But it seems like all the emails I get from Joe and his people are about MERCH!!
Joe seems to have stepped into Gene Simmons territory!
I'm seeing things about back scratchers , bobble heads and other nonsense!
Maybe it's me!
I seem to remember Joe hawking t shirts at the back of whatever venue he just played.
I know...I know....he's come so far since then....but jeez...the merch!!

Re: Joe Bonamassa/Gene Simmons

A few yrs ago Joe joked about the merch and they have everything for sale
It’s pretty obvious that Joe just wants to play guitar and has let the business run with others


(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)

Re: Joe Bonamassa/Gene Simmons

I made a post some time ago just amazed at just the amount of never ending T shirt designs coming out. It seems like one new one every week . Dont know how you can sell  enough to warrant it?
  But I have no problem. I do buy some merch from time to time. It is overwhelming on the  choices though.

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