Topic: The Band U.K.

These guys put out a few albums in the late 70's.  Their eponymous self titled first album is quite good.  Was wondering if anyone else listened to their music.
Been really playing my prog bands lately, but just tonight discovered U.K.

Re: The Band U.K.

One of those "blink and you've missed 'em" bands. There's 2 albums, the eponymous U.K. from 1977 and Danger Money from 1979 - you can find both remastered on YouTube.

If Curby's got you all curious; Short-lived English supergroup founded in 1977 by John Wetton, Bill Bruford (ex-King Crimson), Eddie Jobson and Allan Holdsworth. For the second and last studio album, Holdsworth left and Bruford was replaced by Terry Bozzio. They were active between 1977-1979, and reformed in 2012 with Eddie Jobson and John Wetton, with guest musicians. Wetton died in 2017.

From the 2012 reunion: -

When life gives you lemons; don't make lemonade.
Give back the lemons.  Why were the lemons free?  What's wrong with the lemons?
Do Not trust the lemons...