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The sound was bad. I never could here Carmine's bass. The I could not hear the horns for the first couple of songs.

ms707 wrote:

We were at this show and the sound was horrible. Couldn't understand what Joe was saying or signing.. I know it's not the venue as we've seen him there before and it was a great show.  Spoke to others who were sitting in other areas and they had the same feedback.

Honestly, I felt sad.  Joe and the band gave it there all and us that came to see a great show got robbed.  Hate too see them aLl busting it and we couldn't really enjoy it at all..

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The new Sacramento Kings basketball arena will open in 2016!, Im not sure of the exact date, but will probably the best venue in the State capital too. It will seat a comfy 18,000 or so, and when Joe and the gang come to our area, this venue will be the shizzle, so if you are reading this JB please check it out.

Shred aint dead....yet smile

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Joe Bonamassa wrote:

You guys are family to me...

Joe, you typed a message on your birthday May 8. Congratulations! It's surprising that your family fans didn't say a word.  And it's not surprising that you left the forum.

Or is it not customary with your mentality?

I don't know.

And the next day, May 9, some type is steaming for money; should have said: "Joe, Happy Birthday! Thank you for being there!"