Re: Session stories..

NPB_EST.1979 wrote:
Carol-Ann_Amps wrote:

Maverick !! You can't just go from a hangar of Typhoons to a Mig and a F-86 ....of course they will flame out....

Why am I imagining nothing but Top Gun clips in my head?

"negative ghostrider. The pattern is full."

At that angle, it's too aggressive.....

Takers get the honey, givers sing the blues

Re: Session stories..

Joe Bonamassa wrote:

So today I learned a valuable lesson....

That's for sure, they even invented a proverb

Joe Bonamassa wrote:

I justify the loss because the session was so inspiring.. That you cant by or repair.. Anywho..

It burned, it was so ripe.

So all in the session was great... I used it until it flamed out.


I’m interested in what thoughts and events you had when you were hanging out on the forum…