Topic: Black Country Communion Superfan

I listen to all four BCC albums all day long.  I consider myself a superfan.

And when I'm not listening to them on my vinyl record player, I'm watching their YouTube videos.

Is anyone else such a fan as I am?!?

I can't wait till their V album comes out!

What is everyones favorite BCC song?  I love them all!


Re: Black Country Communion Superfan

Well Robert you have me beat by many miles as I am a big fan but not at that level !!
Favorite song. That can depend on what mood I might be in. I will be contrarian here as I think Sista Jane always puts me inna good mood. That is a great throw back  70’s style rock song.

Your rock candy baby
Your hard sweet and sticky

Re: Black Country Communion Superfan

My favorite BCC songs are Song of yesterday, The last Song of My Resting Place, Wanderlust, One Last Soul.