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Hi, I'm a Joe Bonamassa Superfan!!! I'm Robert James Liguori

I've purchased all the albums I could on vinyl, but there were still a few I couldn't get.

I'm listening to British Blues Explosion right now as I type!

I have his guitar books too... but I only have a Martin D-18 so I try to play his electric guitar licks and riffs on my acoustic... doesn't sound too swell but it's all in the spirit of Joe so I guess it's okay!

I feel bad about the passing of his bass guitarist Michael Rhodes!  I don't even know the new guys name... and what happened to Anton Fig!!!  I guess Joe go through a lot of bands but it seemed a little consistent there for a while.

I'm curious, what is everyone's favorite Joe Bonamassa song or cover?  Let's do hear your thoughts!!!


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Hi Seagully; and welcome aboard the Forum. I can see you've already made yourself busy, so good to welcome a genuine new member. Enjoy your time, your sure to make some new friends and we look forward to some engaging posts.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Joe's new bass player is Calvin Turner, he is an excellent bassist. The new drummer is Lemar Carter also excellent. I recently saw Joe and the band live in Bournemouth UK, they are fabulous xxx