Topic: Joe's delay settings

I don't know if this has been asked here before or not but I have seen many rig rundowns of Joe. And he uses a boss dd3 and claims to set every setting on noon. Although he seems to put tape over all his knobs so you can't see anything. He claims that so he doesn't bump them. But I just purchased a boss dd3 the other day and running it through my effects loop with everything set on noon. And there's more than quadruple the repeats it seems. The one video I saw he said he sets everything on noon but it has very short repeats. I know there's a lot of musicians out there that claim that they're not trying to hide anything but you find out that they're not actually using on stage what is on the stage. Example I saw Joe a couple years ago and had nothing but Tweeds on the stage and come to find out he had his silver jubilees off to the side of the stage and they were running the entire time. Does anyone know the actual settings on his dd3?

Re: Joe's delay settings

I think its all the knobs at 12 o' clock