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Just seen these guys & gals for the 2nd time, and for the 2nd time had my socks blown off, so think they deserve their own thread. I know a couple of others [at least] on here have also seen the band, and I think they'll agree.

Well, this is what their blurb says about them: -
"Striking six-part harmonies, energetic rhythms, catchy songs, and a fiercely formidable live act – Morganway have made quite the impression on the UK’s rising Americana scene. This Americana rock band is “like no other band out there right now…reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac” (Entertainment Focus).

The band released their self-titled debut album in August 2019 to widespread acclaim (including praise from Whispering Bob Harris). Their single ‘Let Me Go’ won Classic Rock’s Track of The Week, followed by a string of successful summer festivals (Glastonbury, Black Deer and Millport Country to name a few), and a sell-out national tour. They were described by Maverick Magazine as “One of the best and most exciting prospects to emerge in a long time.”

2021 saw the band sign with booking agent Midnight Mango and win ‘Best Group’ at the British Country Music Awards. "

And you can check out what i said about them last year on the "What;s Everyone Listening To" thread.

Anyway - 20th April 2023 - Newcastle Cluny

One year on, and Morganway are back in town; this time they have the "big" room and come with Nashville's Alyssa Bonagura as support.

Alyssa is a tour-bus raised Country singer with experience beyond her years, 3 of which were spent in Liverpool which has tinted her music. On this tour, she is doing an acoustic set of self-penned numbers, along with a 2nd guitarist. The music is sublime, the voice is great and there was a nod to Newcastle's Sting with a segue into Fields of Gold, so she knows her audience.

Morganway are the main act though, and great to see them again; and this time there's a new album to work - last tour was more "picking up where we left off". Trying to put them into one genre is a thankless task, Country or Folk? This session, they put me in mind of "Dog & Butterfly" era Heart, but with a violin! It's easy to make comparisons over here with similar sounding, but very different acts Elles Bailey and Brave Rival, but aside from the violin, Morganway's trump card has to be their 2, 4 & 6 part harmonies between the band members. Not only that, but when these guys jump on stage, the stage really JUMPS.

The show was more of a slow-burner that last time, with a new album due very soon, there was a lot of new material being played, some of it still tour-fresh. However, some of their more-seasoned originals were still there, and by the end of the night we were having a right ol' Hoe-down.

There was though, for me, a fly in the ointment: the sound in the room. Last year, in the smaller Cluny2, the sound seemed a lot "crisper" and "brighter"; I found last night that CJ's vocals had too much reverb and sounded "muddy". Also there seemed to be too much focus on the violin - there were a couple of songs I felt where the guitar should have been more forward. Didn't spoil things too much, but I felt areas where it could have been better.

However, the finale couldn't have been better. For the encore, they invited Alyssa & Steve back up on stage for a couple of songs - now we had 7 part harmonies... And the last number, Hurricane hit Force 5.

Right, that's your lot - I'm off to listen to their new album and the live album from the end of the last tour...

Songs from the current tour: -
Morganway + Alyssa Bonegura -
Morganway - The Man -
Morganway - Come Over -
Alyssa Bonagura -

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Re: Morganway

Morganway - Back to Zero  (2023)

Taken a while to give this the spins it deserves, but then good things are worth waiting for, so they say.

Stumbled on to this band last year after a recommendation from a local venue, and been hooked since. A couple of weeks ago, got a chance to see them again, this time touring this, Back To Zero, their latest [third] album. They're not a Blues band, i can say that; they hover somewhere between Folk Rock and Country, or as we'd label; "Americana". However, their "sound" is more crystalised now, and for US friends, I'd say they bare closer comparisson to Lady A[ntebellum].

There is a kind of split in the bands songs, between most of the writing done between the twins Kieron & Callum Morgan who share guitar & bass duties: Keiron tends to write more with vocal powerhouse SJ Mortimer where as Callum bounces off non-band member George Nicholson, as well as other band members. The results swing between the dramatically powerful ballads and the irresistibly catch sing-a-longs. It's certainly a potent mix, if you can't get to see them, there is a brace of "live" CDs on their website that give a good flavour.

Back To Zero -
Come Over -
Let Me Go -

When life gives you lemons; don't make lemonade.
Give back the lemons.  Why were the lemons free?  What's wrong with the lemons?
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