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Newcastle Cluny - 23-4-23

The Commoners, hailing from Toronto, Canada may be a new name over here; but from the quality of the set this five-piece: Chris Medhurst (vocals/guitar), Ben Spiller (bass), Ross Citrullo (lead guitar), and Adam Cannon (drums) and joined by their friend, organist Miles Evan Branagh, laid down tonight, they'll fast become a familiar one. I don't know if you can call their sound something kin to "Southern Rock" coming from north of the border, but they're the hairiest and loudest band I've heard out of Canada since the days of April Wine & Triumph. They're not doing anything original, but what they are doing, they're doing it well and having great fun doing it. One album in and a one on the way, they're a band to be keeping a watchful ear on.

Set List: - More Than Mistakes: Find A Better Way; Devil: Body And Soul: Who Are You; Naturally; Deadlines; Hanging On Again; Fill My Cup.

From earlier dates this tour: -
Oxford -
Oxford -
Brighton -

I'll be giving their album, Find A Better Way a good playing tomorrow....

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The Commoners - Find A Better Way  (2022)

Another album that's been fighting for rotation since I picked it up at the Cluny gig a few days back by the noisiest & hairiest band I've seen come out of Ontario many a year (certainly helps distinguish them from Manitoba's Bros. Landreth).

Now then, do you call these guys Northern "Southern" Rock, or "Heavy Country"? Whatever, it's got an aged whiskey smokey-edge, like Black Crowes jammin' with Allman Brothers. The guitars howl, the vocals soar and the Hammond swirls, all bound together by driving bass and thundering drums. It may not be genre defining, it probably won't change your life, but at the right volume, it'll make your neighbour's windows rattle....

A crackin' good first effort from a band that's just made a mighty impression over here, and a taster of more to come...

Fill My Cup -
Too Much (live) -
Shake You Off (live) -
Find A Better Way -

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana...