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Topic: The Heavy Heavy

I thought maybe this young band deserves its own thread.  With all the canned music being pawned off as "talent" these days it never gets old being reassured there's many diamonds still making great music.

Although the band's catalog is minimal at this stage, I thought I'd just leave a link from their gig at Rockpalast.  Interestingly their fantastic co-lead singer is playing keyboards here.  Another thing to mention is there are two great guitarists in this band.


Re: The Heavy Heavy

Another good find there; there's that certain "spark" that marks them as a band to watch.

Here's a repeat of some upcoming US dates for them, starting shortly this month: -
Apr 12, 2023 Wed 8:30 pm The Sinclair Music Hall - Cambridge MA
Apr 16, 2023 Sun 8:00 pm Thunderbird Cafe - Pittsburgh, PA
Apr 18, 2023 Tue 8:00 pm  The Basement East - Nashville - Nashville, TN
Apr 19, 2023  Wed 8:00 pm  Grey Eagle - Asheville, NC
Apr 20, 2023 Thu 8:00 pm  Terminal West At King Plow Arts Center - Atlanta, GA
Apr 21, 2023 Fri 8:30 pm  Birmingham - Birmingham, AL  (2 tickets left starting from $51.00)
Apr 27, 2023  Thu 7:00 pm  Brooklyn Made - Brooklyn, NY
Apr 29, 2023  Sat 8:00 pm  Brooklyn Bowl - Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA

Jun 9, 2023  Fri 7:00 pm  Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater - Vail, CO
Aug 25, 2023  Fri 8:30 pm  Thalia Hall - Chicago, IL

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Re: The Heavy Heavy

I definitely agree this is a band to watch and I hope to see them some day.  This Rockpalast thing seems to produce the best concerts.  JB's show long ago introduced me to him and Eric Czar.  What a pairing that was.
THH reminds me of a gumbo of bands long ago.  Singer Georgie Fuller reminds me of a cross between Mama Cass and Joplin.  Very talented!
Guitarist/keyboardist Frank Fogden is definitely the glue guy in the band.  He reminds me of the late Tommy Bolin.
Singer/guitarist William Turner sings like John Phillips and plays a mean Stratocaster.
This band is very polished and their debut album entertaining.