Topic: Marc Broussard S.O.S. 4: Blues For Your Soul

I've always acknowledged that Joe Bonamassa is the finest guitarist of his generation, but I've always felt he needed to bring in a vocalist of his caliber and let the chips fall.  I actually have most everything of Marc's releases including the first three SOS albums.  Those were more R&B than this newest release, and with JB and some other great musicians doing a stellar job I'll put this album as Marc's best and  maybe Joe's too.  Those two go together like peas and carrots.
Anyway, I'm including a link reviewing what is an early best record for 2023. … your-soul/

Re: Marc Broussard S.O.S. 4: Blues For Your Soul

Mmm, that's good stuff.  Might be the beard, but reminds me a little of Joe Cocker.

Had a good rake around YouTube, and found lots to see, old and new. Loads of classic Soul covers, Otis, Sam, solomon Burke and very recent stuff featuring a familiar looking, up--and-coming guitarist (or 2).

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