Topic: Favorite Joe songs

Self Inflicted wounds
The Thrill is Gone
Woke Up Dreaming
Beyond The Silence
Lonesome Train
Miss You, Hate You
Sloe Gin
Taking The Hit
Double Trouble
Ghost Of Macon Johns
Different Shades Of Blue
Just Got Paid
Athens to Athens

Re: Favorite Joe songs

If I were to list my favourite Joe songs it would go on and on and on and on....... if I had to pick one, probably Stronger Now In Broken Places. It will be something different tomorrow x

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Re: Favorite Joe songs

The one Joe song I can play most of (and part of his solo)
Why Does it Take So along to say Goodbye
   (also known as: why does it take so long to type this song title)

When She Dances
Self Inflicted Wounds
Last Matador of Bayonne
Pain & Sorrow ANDY live version

And many many more


(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)

Re: Favorite Joe songs

Too hard a topic !! My list would have to have Pain and Sorrow
Ballad of John Henry
So Its Like That
Woke Up Dreaming( has to be a live version)
Slow Train

Your rock candy baby
Your hard sweet and sticky

Re: Favorite Joe songs

Great topic!  For me, it's:

Blues Deluxe
I Don't Live Anywhere

I'm a sucker for slow blues!

Re: Favorite Joe songs

Mountain Time
Sloe Jin
Different shade Of blue

I'll be back....I have to take another look at the WORLD!!!