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I've been listening more and more artists from my youth.  Mentioning James Walbourne and his promising band His Lordship really reminds me of the guitar genius Edmund's first group, Love Sculpture.  They only produced two albums, but both got heavy play by a very young Curby.  England's produced many great pickers and relistening to those two LS albums might put him at the top.  If you can find Blues Helping or their second classic; Forms and Feelings, you will thank me.
I've included a nice little review.  Hope somebody looks it up....

Following a one off single as the Human Beans, containing the classic "Morning Dew" Welsh guitarist Dave Edmunds, along with bassist John Williams and drummer Bob Jones, underwent a name change to Love Sculpture, were given a stack of blues lps, especially several by Texas Cannonball and Eric Clapton inspiration, Freddie King, to listen to in order to find inspiration for a dictated blues album. Love Sculpture's label insisted that they record "Blues Helping" despite the fact that Edmunds openly stated that he neither enjoyed listening to nor playing blues music. The resultant album is an excellent piece of vintage 1968 blues rock, especially in light of Edmunds' dislike for the genre. The album consisting of covers of popular blues rock songs of the time, ranging from Freddie King's "The Stumble" to Willie Dixon's "Wang Dang Doodle" to Canned Heat's "On The Road Again" shines because of Edmunds' guitar prowess. The album is incredible considering Edmunds' attitude toward blues rock in general. The album did accomplish the group's goal of allowing a second album to be recorded, the absolutely stunning, psychedelic classic "Forms and Feelings" recorded a year later in 1969. That album is far superior to "Blues Helping" but that in no way diminishes the value of this, the band's debut lp. Cherry Red Records Esoteric Recordings imprint release includes the 11 tracks from the album proper, and is accompanied by the above mentioned single recorded as the Human Beans as well as the non-lp single "River to Another Day" and its b-side "Brand New Woman." In total, the 15 tracks with a run time of 52 minutes add up to an absolute must for fans of the blues rock genre, and is essential to completists who already own the band's second album "Forms and Feelings." Regardless, guitar fans must include both of Love Sculpture's albums in their collections, and Cherry Red has made it possible to possess the band's entire recorded output by including the mono 45 versions related to both albums. Thus, in total the collector will possess all 30 tracks, 2 of which are properly credited to the precursor band, the Human Beans, as well as all 28 tracks released by Love Sculpture proper, with a total run time of 116 minutes both cds combined. This means two hours of absolute guitar nirvana for the listener, and two valuable additions to any fans of Dave Edmunds, blues rock and/or psychedelic rock. I strongly urge the purchase of both albums simultaneously so that you can listen chronologically to the birth and growth of the musical entity known as Love Sculpture. Never approaching the fame of other power trios such as Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Love Sculpture's recordings hold up incredibly well over the 40 years passed since the release of their second and final album. Edmunds would go on to fame with his solo album Rockpile containing the smash "I Hear You Knocking" and along with bassist Nick Lowe and drummer Terry Williams who helped Edmunds tour the "Rockpile" album and would thus form the short-lived but famous/infamous band of the same name who recorded but one album "Seconds of Pleasure" long treasured by rock fans and now available with several bonus tracks and at an unbelievably low list price. But I get ahead of myself. Find the best price you can on the two Love Sculpture albums, purchase them, listen to them, cherish them, and then go on to the further adventures of Dave Edmunds. But Love Sculpture is without question the taking off point and an absolute must for any and all rock and roll guitar fans.
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Great post. Made me remember that I used to have the Forms and Feelings LP and the single Sabre Dance.

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An album called Second Helping came out in 2020, featuring unique radio broadcasts made by Love Sculpture between 1968 and 1969

Farandole (BBC Live session Jan 1969) -

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