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After a couple of lucrative years backing the likes of Sari Schorr, Ash (guitar/vocals) and Phil (drums) are teaming up with the "third" brother, Roger Innes for their debut UK tour in February: -

02 - Sittingbourne - Bourne to Blues

03 - Chichester - Graylingwell Chapel

04 - Winchester - Railway Inn

05 - Bridgwater - Bar Brunel

09 - London - Dublin Castle

10 - Darlington -The Forum

11 - Kinross -Backstage at The Green Room

12 - Poynton - Bluefunk Club

17 - Newark - Flying Circus

18 - Arnside - Sailing Club

19 - Maryport -Grasslott Club

21 - Coulsden - TNMC

The 3 will be promoting material from their current “Live” album released by Manhaton Records. This talented and slick combo are already known from their live experience alongide Sean Webster, Sari Schorr, Chaka Khan, Mike Taylor, Errol Brown and Joanne Shaw Taylor etc. They have always impressed as individuals, and with the addition of Roger Inniss on bass we expect a very memorable tour to unfold this February!

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The Wilson Brothers - Darlington Forum  10/2/2023

One of those rare nights, crossing passport control at Chester-le-Street to have another quality night out, hosted by Darlington R'n'B Club: 10 years now at Darlington Forum.

On offer tonight was something a bit new and very, very tasty - The Wilson Brothers Band, bringing along their own brand of exciting, fusion Blues. None of the guys on stage are new faces, in one combination or another, backing various other artists, they've probably been to the Forum more times than I have, but this time, there's no "name" at the front, they are playing their music, for themselves, and what's immediately apparent, aside from the wealth of talent, is how much they are loving being off the leash. The interplay between each of the guys is astounding; Ash has stepped up as front man, and is immediately comfortable steering the ship; and brother Roger Innes, there's fewer bassists I've seen that can hold a candle to him than there are strings on his bass: the cross play between him and keyboard Adrian were magic. As for Phil, he had the hard job on the drums, keeping it rolling but loose, tightening up as and when needed.

As for the music; well, it's not "Blues" with the capital "B": these guys have been down that road with so many others. Their own sound is a blend of who've they've played with, but adding more what they've been brought up with, hence Steve Miller's Fly Like An Eagle in the set; rubbing shoulders with Prince's Cream and [the encore] Johnny Guitar Watson's A Real Mother For Ya; tracks from what is labelled Ash Wilson's Broken Machine, but which is actually the band's debut album as well as sneaking in a new track. . Rather than follow the road, these guys have gone down the dirt tracks and bridlepaths and even some off-roading. There's such a clever blending of styles that there's no immediate pigeon-hole, except that it works; it's tight, it's funky and Boy, is it fun.

Well done the team at Darlington for another epic evening's music and showing that there's room for the avant-guard as well as the more established. Bring these guys back as soon as their schedules allow.

From an earlier tour date -

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Thanks for that Mike. Looks like they are the current tour band for Sari Schorr.

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Kenny wrote:

Thanks for that Mike. Looks like they are the current tour band for Sari Schorr.

Thought that, I've seen Ash & Phil with Sari the last couple of times, but wasn't sure if Roger had taken over from Matt who seemed pretty much musical director of the band. I believe Adrian has done the keys too.

They are a really good band [without Sari] if you get chance to catch them; recommended.

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