Topic: Joe opens his own label

Journeyman, the newest endeavor between Joe Bonamassa and his long-time manager Roy Weisman, is a vertically integrated music management, concert promotion, and marketing company that builds awareness for great live artists worldwide. After years of perfecting strategies, while building Joe Bonamassa’s career, the company will utilize the same savvy tactics which allowed them to overcome industry barriers that typically held back artists from achieving success. Journeyman provides the infrastructure to take an artist from relatively unknown to record music and tour without dealing with the typical resistance of “gatekeepers” who don’t believe in or support independent acts. Bonamassa has been keen on using his experience to pay it forward to help other artists navigate the murky industry waters. Consequently, Journeyman sets itself apart in this way as being the true market maker for its artists." … y-barriers

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Re: Joe opens his own label

Sounds good to me.
Pleased to see that Joe is helping other artists to get a foothold on the career ladder.
There does appear to be a record label in the US already using the name ‘Journeyman’ but no doubt the lawyers have looked at that.