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Went to a gig of his last night Only UK date on the way to a European tour

This young lad can play great set almost 2 hours to a small crowd on a Wednesday night Full on set class playing some fun stuff as well

New CD very good on sale at the gigs

Check him out   

Tour Dates
19 De Meister, Geleen, Netherlands
20 Woodies Music Café, Elburg, Netherlands
21 Café Schiller Blues Festival, Aalten, Netherlands
23 Pegnitzbuhne, Nurnberg, Germany
24 Gambrinus, Suhl, Germany
25 Piano, Soemmerda, Germany
26 The Londoner, Gotha, Germany
27 Rauber and Rebellon, Recklinghausen, Germany
28 Kulturscheuene, Fritzlar, Germany
30 Blue Monday, Osnabruck, Germany
1 Extra, Bielefeld, Germany
2 Wunderbar Weite Welt, Eppstein, Germany
3 DJS, Dordrecht, Netherlands
4 Vortex Music Club, Siegen, Germany
5 De Gouden Lowe, Dongen, Netherlands
7 Blues Night, Eschweiler, Germany
8 Blues Club, Chiemgau, Germany
10 Kiste, Berlin, Germany
11 Bastion, Kirchheim Unter Teck, Germany
12 De Zaak, Sittard, Netherlands
17 Nells, West Kensington, London, UK
24 Nidaros Blues Festival, Trondheim, Norway
29 O2 Academy, Islington, London, UK (Acoustic w/ Robben Ford)
21 Blues Club, Gdynia, Poland
23 New Festival, Kozmin, Poland
24 TBC, Chelmek, Poland
25 Pub Pamela, Torun, Poland
28 Wichrowe Wzgórze, Lubawa, Poland
30 Bogart, Gomunice, Poland

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My concert review with pictures and movies

Re: Krissy Matthews

Great review thanks

Re: Krissy Matthews

So, here's another topic that's been overdue resurrecting....

Think I first (and only time) saw Krissy back in 2013 (YIKES!) as support for another guitar-prodigy, Eric Steckel; and then Krissy all but disappeared, except for "fleeting glimpses" as at the top of this thread.

So, why bring him up again? Well, on the year's alum review thread, I mentioned his most recent release, Pizza Man Blues being one of the very best releases of [early] 2022. That reminded me that the only other album of Krissy's and the only one available at the Sedgefield show with Steckel was his 2nd release, No Age Limit, which came out in 2007 (when he was just 15 years old). Now that he's an old man of 30 (like others I could name), what's been happening between times? That inspired me to chance the UK post over the holidays and have a rummage around eBay..

Recorded in 2009, along came Allen In Reverse,  that's ALLE[N and not ALIEN as often listed; taken from the birth name of Jimi Hendrix. Ten of the 12 tracks on this album are self-penned and between the youthful rawness & flash, there are glimpses of maturity. The other 2 tracks are a take on Albert Collins' Iceman and John Lee Hooker's Hug You squeeze You.

Fast forward a couple of years and we get 2011's Hit The Rock a 13 tracker, again 10 self-penned numbers. In places there's a noticeable shift in style since the last release, some very nimble picking reminiscent of Albert Lee, so Krissy is learning and adapting. The covers on here are interesting choices, Junor Parker's Mystery Train,, Gabe Ford (?) Too Much and The Stones' You Can't Always Get What You Want.

Then there's a 4 year gap which I understand Krissy was working in Germany as part of Hamburg Blues Band as well as opening for Tedeschi Trucks Band, Gregg Allman, Beth Hart, Los Lobos, Ten Years After and Toto in his own right. This was the time he met up with Pete Brown, performance poet, lyricist, and singer best known for his collaborations with Cream and Jack Bruce and the collaboration brought the next album in the sequence Scenes from A Moving Window. Another 12 tracker, with only one cover this time, Blind Willie Mctell's Searching The Desert For The Blues. This is a staggeringly good album, technically sound, lyrically rich and Krissy pulling out his most polished and mature performance. I don't know how it got missed but this should have been a "breakthrough" album and heading lists aplenty. Highly recommend you track it down.

Still working with Pete brown, 2019 sees Krissy release probably his heaviset album to date, Monster In Me. To be honest, it doesn't quite work as well as "Scenes" but the baby hasn't been chucked out with the bathwater. To my ear, Krissy seems to have been listening a lot to Sammy hagar in terms of guitar; it's a shame though he can't match the vocals.

And aside from a couple of incendiary albums, including the obligatory one for his new label, RUF, that brings us up to date with Pizza Man Blues. Conclusion, always seemed to be the "edgier" of his contemporaries, Krissy has morphed into a very creditable player that deserves more elbow room at the table...

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