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Jerry Lee Lewis "You Win Again"  - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06xZyh8VBFQ

Re: What song are you listening to right now?

Cardinal Black - January Came Close (2022)

Well, here it is at last. Chris buck's "lockdown" project, reconnecting with former band mates from way back when. This is a very different project to his day job with Buck & Evans, where the latter has strong echoes of 70s Fleetwood Mac and Heart, this has a much more soulful sound, yet "gentler" than some of the great recommends from brother Curby.

Really, I can't find the strongest track, all are equal to my ears, the sound is restrained, intimate yet at the same time intense. Over great backing, you have the soaring, silver throated vocals of Tom Hollister with Chris Buck continuing a theme with guitar breaks weaving through like silver threads. And nice to hear/see Elles Bailey adding a touch of magic to I'm Ready. They have certainly built on their debut EP last year; now they've got to up the ante for album 2. Still, I'm kicking myself for a mistimed holiday and missing their tour when it swung through my area in September.

Ain't My Time (Abbey Road session) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TicIp0AKn80
Warm Love (Live session) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iaY8WPF_fc

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Erja Lyytinen - Waiting For The Daylight (2022)

Album #12 from Finland's slide-queen and it's probably her "heaviest" to date. I don't mean "heavy" in the sense of this is a deep exploration of inner feelings that have brewed over lockdown, though it is, and I guess we know how the Scandinavians can mine this source of material: no, I mean "heavy" in that it wouldn't be out of place alongside Deep Purple. Sure, we get searing slide on The End of Music and (probably the weakest track) Love Bites, but the guitar and keyboard interplay elsewhere is delicious. Erja has done a great job in the producer's chair and pushed herself and her band further than ever before.

Bad Seed may have been the lead off single, but the title track Waiting For The Daylight has possibly Erja's best guitar solo to date. Diamonds On The Road and Never Really Had You retain Erja's love and feel for the Blues. And if you think you've heard You Talk Dirty before, then you're right, it's from her first recording, but it's been given an almost Black Babbath style make-over.

Waiting For The Daylight - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFVO0IF9pXM

PS - have to say also, the album's artwork is outstanding. First look at the imagery and you'd take this for a progressive album, reminiscent of say Uli Roth. Look deeper and you see strong influence of Roger Dean maybe, behind the photograph of Erja. Keep staring and things appear to go very eastern, like a psychedelia trip, at times Indian/Hindu and others Chinese Buddhist. Wish now I'd bought the vinyl album, or there was a A1 poster. What is it they say, 2don't judge an album by its cover"? This is the case that's the exception.

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The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XwXliCK19Y - new official video

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Deep Purple - Tokyo International Forum (March 2001) - Remastered 2022

A powerhouse performance from Deep Purple, 20 years ago, and one of note as the show was a revisit to their legendry Concerto For Group & Orchestra recorded just before Jon Lord stepped down from the band as well as numbers from Roger Glover's Butterfly Ball, with Ronnie James Dio guesting on vocals (as well as adding his own Rainbow In The Dark).

Pictured Within - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69emuJqmqGg

Kicking off with a touching ballad by Jon Lord and sung by Ian Gillan, there's also a smattering of newer & old Purple classic cuts including Fools, Pictures of Home, Perfect Strangers, Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming; a searing guitar instrumental from Steve Morse; Well-dressed Guitar and Ian Paice enjoying himself in a "swing" version of Wring That Neck, And what purple gig would be complete without ol' Smokey... (with a very Zeppelin intro).

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Robin Trower - I'm Out to Get You    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w4d1_gOVVk

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utterly confused or an extreme case of mashed potatoes

   Apashe - Renaissance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptx7UlK9yWg

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Walking through town the other day, heard a street performer covering this song; hadn't heard it in a while and it's just stuck.

Laura Branigan - Forever Young: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha4Md2ov6eM

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Austin Gold - Those City Lights (2022)

Bloody 'Ell! This is a thumpin' good album from the Peterborough lads. Anthemic hard rock, and plenty of it. They first showed promise back in 2017/18 with their debut album and even managed a tasty support to King King. And then, just as the momentum got running, you-know-what happened, and kind of lost track. After a mini-album, late 2019 this is the guy's 3rd album, and it's come out the traps like a rocket.

Well, since then, there's been a bit of re-arrangement in the ranks, David James Smith is still the guitar and vocals, and main writer. Chris Ogden remains, solid behind the drums, still teamed with Lee Churchill on bass; a great backlone. Beefing up the sound is a steaming Hammond, now in the hands of Adam Leon. Not long after I saw them on tour, they shed the 2nd guitar of Jack Cable.

Changes aside, this is an album of big guitars and bigger choruses but not afraid to strip it back where necessary, then change gear and push the drum and keys. To my ear, it's like Foo Fighters meet UFO (pun unintentional, but a good analogy..).
Seems some of the best albums of the year come out late; this is no different - the neighbours are going to get sick of this one...

Mountain - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41lBLzhENE8

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Cinelli brothers - No Country For Bluesmen (2022)

Been around for 6 months now, but just got a copy the other night at the band's Darlington gig. Bit of a strange one this, it's not actually a Cinelli Brothers album, even though they co-wrote it, play on it, produced it and arranged it. It is a series of 13 collaborations with UK Blues artists, ranging from Dana Gillespie to Ian Siegal, and as the guests are diverse, so is the range of styles, from Jump Blues to Delta and even a little gospel for good measure. It's almost a trip up and down the Mississippi and Blues history.

So in a sense, there's something for everyone, whatever your taste. The best 2 tracks for me are Make You Mine, with Connor Selby and Leave It All Behind with the Zac Schultze Group 9a band I recommend watching out for in 2023).

Make You Mine - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2uBWKw2oqg
Leave It All behind - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdaPUxGprhc

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Benjamin Amos - Letters (2022)

Remember when we used to call them "folk singers"? We don't now, mainly because it calls up images of beardy guys in cable knit sweaters, sticking a finger in their left ears and proceeding to vocalise in a sound like a Geordie Cornishman from Brum, with a hernia.

These days, that image has gone, though there's nothing to be said against a quality cable-knit sweater, and we refer to these guys as "singer-songwriters". A good source of rootsy music I enjoy and must admit I have a soft spot for those of Irish origin. I've long been a fan of one Josh Doyle (okay, he's Anglo-Irish/American); more recently I've been championing Cathal Murphy; well now there's a 3rd member of the gang, Durham based Benjamin Amos.

Benjamin blipped the radar a couple of years ago with a self-recorded 7 produced album of Christmas standards Joy in 2020, so I've been keenly awaiting a release of original material, and Letters justifies the patience.

Again, self-recorded in his bedroom (which is probably the size of Rockfield Studios with mixing desk in the en-suite) Benjamin has delivered an album of 10 "letters"; honest, intimate, affectionate, frustrated; a gamut of emotions from a work that has been a decade in the making. He describes the albums production as a bit "rough & ready", having no external inputs, but that adds to its charm in many ways. I'm not sure which of the many instruments i can hear through the mix aren't computer generated, certainly not banjo, acoustic guitar, piano/keyboard, violin(?), nor who supplied the ethereal backing vocals, but the guidance of a sympathetic producer would lift this work to a really strong album, though it is still an honest treat.

Might just be worth a look down to the old Punch Bowl (Cradlewell) next month (Dec 11th - 3pm).

Never Far from Home - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lqDyhSbagQ
Brothers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztYNESAxrVs  (Not on album)

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Rebecca Downes - The Space Between Us  (2022)

First off, let’s start with what’s wrong with the album: well not so much “wrong” as missing. At first glance, the uninitiated are going to pick this up in mistake for a Barclay James Harvest album. (Nothing wrong with that, some of us are partial to a drop of BJH on occasion.)

Let me tell you here and now, this certainly isn’t a collection of mid-tempo-ed pastoral musings, far from it. By comparison, this album will launch your speakers into orbit and melt your amplifier, not to mention the mess it’ll make of any motherboard not of CIA specification if downloading is your medium of choice.

Oh yes, we start off sweetly enough with some old school Blues, Becc's Blues putting on the Bessie Smith here. And then, just as you feel it safe to raise a glass, BANG!! We launch into the aptly titled Hold On. After 2 years of pacing the carpets and clawing the walls, Rebeca and partner-in-crime Steve have reached boiling point with pent-up angst. And that’s just the starters.

It takes a certain amount of moxy to take on past Gods such as Free, but buried in the album is a superb re-working of their A Little Bit of Love; cleverly arranged so as not to directly copy the original, nor does it deviate too far either; the result, a perfect anthem for these trying times. A further stand-out is the Gospel epic Not On My Knees which has Rebecca pushing her vocal strengths and boundaries as never before. Don’t though think that this is all Rebecca’s album in terms of performance, Steve Birkett gives a shine-out performance on the live session cut Rattle My Cage. Title track, Space Between Us is surely the strongest contender for radio play, but that’s not to belittle it, as usual, each track comes with its own message or story, they just need to be listened to.

The rest of the album is just as strong, and the production values from Stave Birkett & Steve Birkett Jr really shine. Head Over Heart and Four-Leaf Clover are more familiar, warm Blues fare, but, these guys aren’t afraid to mix it a bit, and so come the track Terrorise, treading more “Indie” ground; a track that’ll be a rare treat live.

So, studio album #5? Well, there’s been a few face changes down the line, but there’s been a remarkable consistency of quality, and that continues with Neil Ablard behind the drums, Nigel Darvill (is there a famous relative here?) on keys and Vince Yarrington on bass. And there’s no change in the working partnership of Downes & Brikett; think Goffin & King: Ashford & Simpson; Jagger & Richards; Benny & Bjorn: there’s a bit of each in the mix.

Going back to the start, this definitely, despite the butterfly, isn’t a Barclay James Harvest album then: don’t think “Lepidoptera”, think more “Leopard-optera”.

Little Bit Of Love - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bji_vb0riRo
Hold On (Live) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERG7G-rKAlw

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Bruce Hornsby: S-hit's Crazy Out Here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFAIL9CVzts


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Larkin Poe - Blood Harmony - the entire CD - all the time.

This is my first LP download and holy smokes, I can't stop listening to it! There is not one song on this release that I skip over. NOT ONE! Love it even more that Tyler Bryant produced it for his wife and sister-in-law. What fun!

And speaking of Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown, I finished up seeing them for the year last weekend in Chicago (5th show since July). Seeing them as much as I can while they're regaining steam playing small clubs and festivals after being derailed by covid. I can't get enough of these guys. Every show is full of serious jams, high energy, tons of fun, and the guys themselves are so good to their fans. They always make time to chat before and after shows. Their latest release Shake the Roots is definitely that - a little bit of different genres and they make it all work... and ROCK! When I'm not listening to Larkin Poe, I'm listing to TBSD (actually, they share a playlist! big_smile)


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The Cure - Wish (1992) 2022 Re-master

Another "Cor Blimey!" moment - is this really 30 years old? Robert Smith's master balancing act between the doom & gloom laden tracks and those with great "pop" hooks. probably their most commercially successful, spawning 3 hit singles, High, Friday I'm In Love and Letter to Elise as well as the lesser known, but just a great Apart.

This again is a 3 disc edition, with disc one being the original album re-mastered by Mr Smith and two further discs of rare 12" b-sides (remember them?), tracks dropped from the final album (apparently, they went to the studios with over 40 completed songs) as well as several demos; each track re-mastered with as much care and detail as the main album. What a choice on some of the outtakes; would have made a very different sounding album, but would it have been any less good? We'll probably never know.

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UFO - The Complete Studio Recordings 1974-1986.

So, past couple of weeks I've been hitting the nostalgia trail, dipping in and out of this 10-album boxset of one of my all-time favourite bands UFO.

So we start at what was actually the band's 3rd studio album, Phenomenon, the first to feature ex-Scorpions wunderkind Michael Schenker. This album, produced by Leo Lyons beefed up UFO's sound and spawned the anthemic Doctor Doctor and Schenker's set piece Rock Bottom. (Interesting side note, on tour Paul Chapman was drafted in on 2nd guitar for a spell, before he formed Lone Star; more on him to follow). In pretty close order, the albums Force It and No Heavy PettingForce It was very much to the same recipe as its predecessor and contained Shoot Shoot and Let It Roll, however, there are no such stand-out really on No Heavy Petting though it was UFO's first album with a 5th member (Danny Payrennel on keys).

However, this must have been a springboard as the album that followed is the stuff of legend, Lights Out. This propelled UFO into the big leagues, especially with the following live album Strangers In The Night (NOT in this set). The follow up, Obsession wasn't quite as successful, but a strong album, nonetheless.

Thing began to crumble from here on in, the relationship with Schenker became more fractious until he left for a solo career and Paul "Tonka" Chapman was re-hired for the No Place To Run album.  Maybe not as strong as Light's Out, but for me as good as Obsession, though the guitar sound naturally, is very different. "Tonka" really found his feet with the following album though, The Wild, The Willing & The Innocent, still remains one of my al time favourites. During this time, keyboard/2nd guitar Paul Raymond had gone off to join Schenker's outfit and was replaced by ex-Wild Horses Neil Carter. From here on in, quality dropped, Mechanix had its moments, on a par I'd say with Force It. By the time Making Contact came along, co-founder Pete Way had now jumped ship, originally to join forces with now ex-Motorhead Eddie Clark. Though Way was replaced with former Talas bassist Billy Sheehan for the album, the spark was weak.

Soon after, the band broke up, but in late 1984, Mogg assembled a new UFO line-up, featuring Paul Gray on bass again, ex-Diamond Head drummer Robbie France (replaced in 1985 by former Magnum drummer Jim Simpson), and Atomik Tommy M (Tommy McClendon), a former roadie who also wrote lyrics for Loudness, on guitar, with Paul Raymond rejoining shortly afterward, and released Misdemeanor which frankly was a dog's breakfast. After that, for the next few years, there seemed to be a revolving door of band members until Mogg & Way reunited in the 1990s, but that's out the scope of this set.

Each of the disc has been remastered, around 2007, and comes with extra live tracks of the subsequent tours. Misdemeanor is fully loads with American remixes of key tracks which I'm sorry to report, doesn't help its case.

In all, a good set to have as it seemed to take ages to get these classic albums on CD in the 1st place.

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Regina Spektor - SugarMan   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHi789pZfVU