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Topic: Albums to lookout for in 2023..

Yes - Already!!!

First up - Wille & The Bandits
"This autumn, we’re also recording a live album to capture the energy of the When the World Stood Still tour. With guest musicians invited to play on the record, you’ll hear WSS like you’ve never heard it before. The album will be available at next year’s shows – so don’t forget to come and meet us at the merch stand."

2nd up - Albany Down.
Trimmed down in recent years to a 3-piece led by guitar/vocalist Paul Tully, Albany Down have a new album in the can. just awaiting final mixing & mastering in time for 2023 tour.

here's a taster - Opening Salvo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlQABrSOHgc

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