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what do you think about  his album   "Old Glory and the Wild Revival"  ?

for me it is a very good blues-rock album

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I just ran across him today for the first time so I'm checking out some video of him and I like him a lot.  I will need to check out his new album.

I think that he just found himself a new fan.

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Saw him last week, opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd. Never heard of him before....
Great show!

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Going to see him this month at Verviers

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I think I might've posted about him a couple years ago.  He's an above average musician.  Seems like there's fewer out there these days.

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I like his sound.I think he has talent for sure

Your rock candy baby
Your hard sweet and sticky

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I love this videos, because I love the sound of a National Steel Guitar.

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Jared James Nichols popped up on my streaming music recommendations for his unique new EP Threw Me To the Wolves.  The interesting thing about these four versions of the same song is they're all different.  Nichols is an excellent guitarist, but the version with Joe B. is like big brother sitting in.
This is the element where Joe absolutely shines and reminds me why I came to this forum so long ago.

If I were to be honest, this is where I'd prefer listening to him - as a session hired gun.  Mr. Nichols is a hat trick artist.  By that I feel he can sing/play guitar/and write interesting songs. 

I've grown tired of the guitarists that play loud and fast or worse, play well with nothing else.
There are a lot of guys/gals in this category.

Anyway, I strongly recommend people listening to this EP.  It's very good - all four versions.  I like the acoustic one best.