Topic: Iconic Joe's guitars for sale

Joe is selling a lot of his guitars lately, so if anyone dreamed of playing one of his famous guitars now able to buy it

   Johnny B, Rajin Cajun, Terry Reid, Willy Wonka  etc...etc... etccc... are all for grabs now … cs/gibson/

   looks like Joe is erasing his musical past, should we wait for some completely different musical genre, musical innovations or next exiting collaboration - so curious and can't wait

    in the meantime waiting for new BCC album - as most of us just learned, it could be no tomorrow, so hurry up and do it now!    B C C      B C C    B    C      C   .......   !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Iconic Joe's guitars for sale

My thought is..
Wonder what he's trying to buy now...

Hard to believe he'd part with some highly collectible gear.. although he has sold some "bursts" before

(Edit) was just told that he's buying an apartment in NYC


(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)