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Topic: Curse of Lono

Another new-to-me band that’s been making my ears take notice are Curse of Lono. Name taken from a “gonzo” journalist & author Hunter S Thompson novel, their debut album Severed is worth investigating; “Southern Goth Blues” is about as close a description as you’ll get.

This isn’t a “rocking” album as much as a late-night chill out with a slightly dark edge to the sound as well as layers of great slide that gets in your head and under your skin; Pick Up The Pieces even gets to the feet with it’s mesmeric beat. Americana is about as close as you dare categorise Severed, Record Collector magazine sums it up best - “Swooshes along like a plush car through wet nighttime city streets”. So if you’re looking for something different, mature & challenging…..

Can feel a mosey to The Cluny in December on the cards…....

08 Sep  Oxford    Modern Art Oxford     
10 Sep  Winchester    SC4M Festival     
16 Sep  Cirencester    The Vaults  (free)
29 Sep  Brussels, BE    Toogenblik     
30 Sep  Eindhoven, NL    Café Wilhelmina
02 Oct  Amsterdam, NL    The Waterhole

27 Oct  Oslo, NO    Mono (with Chuck Prophet)     
28 Oct  Malmo, SE    Folk å Rock (with Chuck Prophet)
29 Oct  Frelsdorf, DE    Kulturtransport (with Chuck Prophet)
30 Oct  Brussels, BE    AB Club (with Chuck Prophet)
31 Oct  Den Haag, NL    Paard (with Chuck Prophet)
01 Nov  Tilburg, NL    013 (with Chuck Prophet)
02 Nov  Hoorn, NL    Het Huis Verlooren (with Chuck Prophet)
03 Nov  Eeklo, NL    N9 (with Chuck Prophet)
05 Nov  Frankfurt, De    Nachtleben (with Chuck Prophet)
07 Nov  Ferrara, IT    Sala Estense (with Chuck Prophet)
10 Nov  Barcelona, ES    Sala BeGood (with Chuck Prophet)
11 Nov  Valencia, ES    16 Toneladas (with Chuck Prophet)
12 Nov  Bilbao, ES    Kafe Antzokia (with Chuck Prophet)
13 Nov  Madrid, ES    El Sol (with Chuck Prophet)
14 Nov  A Coruña, ES    Mardi Gras (with Chuck Prophet)
15 Nov  Gijon, ES    Sala Acapulco (with Chuck Prophet)
17 Nov  London , UK    ULU (with Chuck Prophet)
18 Nov  Hebden Bridge    Trades Club (with Chuck Prophet)
19 Nov  Edinburgh, UK    La Belle Angele (with Chuck Prophet)
20 Nov  Cardiff , UK    Clwb Ifor Bach (with Chuck Prophet)
21 Nov  Paris, FR    La Boule Noir (with Chuck Prophet)

01 Dec  Leeds, UK    Brudenell Social Club (with Low Cut Connie)
02 Dec  Nottingham, UK    Bodega (with Low Cut Connie)
03 Dec  Manchester, UK    Gullivers (with Low Cut Connie)
05 Dec  Brighton, UK    Prince Albert (with Low Cut Connie)
06 Dec London    The Borderline (with Low Cut Connie)
08 Dec  Newcatsle , UK    Cluny (with Low Cut Connie)
09 Dec Edinburgh, UK    Voodoo Rooms (with Low Cut Connie)     
10 Dec Glasgow, UK    Nice'N'Sleazy (with Low Cut Connie)

Pick Up The Pieces - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXdM1rqSlSQ
Just My Head - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa4CQE1BN80
Send For The Whiskey - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1feJHOMbks

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Re: Curse of Lono

Caught these guys on Friday night, supporting Low Cut Connie, and for me they made the night; everything I hoped they would be and more.
Very hard to pin a genre or style on 'Lono; I think they are to Blues what bands like Echo & The Bunnymen were to the Goths; whey-faced in long dark coats. In some ways, and laugh if you want, they kind of remind me of The Cure; not as dark and gloom laden but with an ear for infectious hooks under angst ridden songs. That said, there is a basic Americana underlying their music, they're not above using Resonators and even Dani on keys uses a small pump organ or a really evocative sound. Really enjoyed hearing tracks like Pick Up The Pieces, Just My Head, He Takes My Place mixing in with new songs to be recorded for Severed's follow-up next year.

A little different to standard fare, low-key, intense and down-right catchy; worth checking out (and seeing again).

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Re: Curse of Lono

Don’t ask me to explain in any detail why I am crazy about this band, but I am. I don’t even know if I could nail what particular genre they are, they’re certainly not full-fledged Blues, not a rock band though their rhythms get under your skin, like shingles; maybe alt-Country is as close as you’ll get but I urge you, listen first before you run away from the “c” word.

So, after being thoroughly hooked after catching their set opening for Low Cut Connie last December, I was a bit disappointed when the late Spring tour was shaping up that no N.East show was on the cards until a return to Gateshead Sage was listed, opening for Steve Earle as part of the SummerTyne Festival. Okay, so £35 to see a true legend and half an hour of my best find of 2017 it looked like it may have to be. Then, those lovely people who organise the Jumpin’ Hot gigs up here gave the Lono gang the closing slot on their stage on the Sunday evening.

And that’s what you call a no-brainer; spending a glorious summer’s afternoon, on the banks of the Tyne, soaking up a convivial atmosphere, mouth-watering aromas from the street-food vendors (fantastic burgers!!), sipping Pimms to keep cool while baking one’s brains out at 30C and enjoying a wide selection of quality Americana based music from solo country singers to “pop-up” choirs to a very bouncing and raucous jumpi’ duo Hymn For Her.

However, it was Curse of Lono I was there to see, and they took to the outdoor stage just as the sun was dipping over the proverbial yardarm (I’ll let the squad at HMS Caliope, just below the Sage, explain that one….). The stage the were playing on may not have been much bigger than my previous experience down in Cluny2 but the audience was easily 20times bigger which didn’t seem to throw the gang in black. Thing about Lono, they don’t explode onto the stage, they just sort of “happen” and just build and build as they roll through their set; however, with a good vantage point you separate the elements, Dani on keys really shines in his piano solo on London Rain, but the atmospherics he creates with his growing home-made trick box (part theramin, part mini-moog) and the sounds he get from the small harmonium are a solid cornerstone to the bands sound. Equal as vital, on the other side of the stage is the heavy “twanging” of Charis’s bass around which Neil at the back weaves very lithe drum patterns, a sort of role-reversal. So up front, that leaves Joe space to fire off some blistering lead guitar around Felix’ rhythm and vocals.

This time, their set nudged 1 hour, with no covers but several very tasty new songs from their upcoming new album, including one that has been several years in gestation from Felix’ previous band, all in-between favourites from the Severed album. So here’s hoping for the next tour, and a stop-off in my bailiwick.

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Re: Curse of Lono

Well, got the new platter, As I Fell over the week-end; absolute treat. There aren’t many artists who can impress me on successive releases, but to do it in successive years…. even fewer; Lono are one of that select few.

I still really can’t quantify their particular sound, sort of imagine Leonard Cohen backed by The Doors…. certainly there’s a touch of Lou Reed to Felix Bechtolsheimer’s lyrics & vocal delivery. This is over soundscapes that alternate between the throbbing & claustrophobic and the isolated & expansive. The vocal harmonies between Felix, Joe, Dani & Charis are stunning, the interplay between Joe Hazell on guitar and Dani Ruiz Hernandez on keyboards is a powerfully expressive combination and the backline of Charis Andersen’s’ chugging bass & Neil Findley’s Charlie Watts-like underplayed drumming knits everything together. Not that this is music that’s going to make you feel good - you’ll come away enlightened but not invigorated..

Valentine opens with a throbbing bounce, Way To Mars is the first obvious single, And It Shows is a superb ballad. I’d Start A War For You opens with an insistent, almost electronic rhythm that drives through the building number, not even subdued by Joe’s fiery slide guitar. Kathleen slows things down again, a sparce, haunting number. Blackout Fever is another of Lono’s infectious tracks, sitting on a bass line of Wild Thing. Another building ballad follows, Tell Me About Your Love. The haunting title track, As I Fell, showcases the great vocal harmonies in the band, sitting over subtly played background. The Affair has a Country Western feel that reflects the California desert location of the album’s recording. Again, the harmonies come to the fore on the deceptively simple-sounding No Trouble. On the previous album, the band closed with a track that at the time, hardly anyone took notice until it was picked up and used on the soundtrack of an American TV series (Kingdom - not to be confused with the Stephen Fry one); not to be caught out again, this time the close with a near epic, the haunting Leuven / wenn der weiße Flieder wieder blüht

All tied up with touches of horns on Way To Mars; As I Fell; And It Shows; No Trouble; and strings on Tell Me About Your Love; As I Fell & Leuven with fine production and mixing by “6th member” Oli Bayston. Not quite as brooding as Severed, but still a thoughtful listen.

Putting it way better than I ever could, the band had a short documentary made while recording As I Fell, well worth 15 minutes to check out:-
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyJWwI1 … e=youtu.be

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Re: Curse of Lono

Just seen that CoL are down to support Samantha Fish on her May tour.

Been a bit of a dilemma here as Samantha's Gateshead date clashes with Ana Popovic playing over the river at Newcastle Cluny; then  it swung Ana's way, announcing Ben Poole as support... Now though, much as I like Ben who we don't see in these parts too often, CoL are swinging it for me.

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Re: Curse of Lono

The guys released a live album, 4am & Counting on coloured vinyl for World Record Day. if you're  not a vinyl junkie, a CD version (with extra tracks) is available on pre-order for summer release.

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Re: Curse of Lono

Newcastle Cluny - 18th Oct

Absolute treat of a show last night at an all but sold-out Cluny when Curse of Lono paid their first visit as headliners. Their last appearance in the venue was almost two years ago, as support to Low Cut Connie, so they, and a few punters were surprised not only to be in the big room, but to have almost 200 people out to see them on a Thursday evening… But, as the guy who supplied the band’s name once said, “buy the ticket,  take the ride”.

Opener for the show was band’s friend John Murry, who just sort of ambled on stage, looked like he was tuning and caught everyone out (even the sound guy) by launching into the first of several solo, acoustic numbers before being joined on stage by the Lonos for a final couple of numbers. How to describe Mr. Murry? You remember that sort of unknown act Annie Nightingale used to sneak on us during her Whistle Test tenure? That’s what I’m thinking… Clearly by some of the audience reaction,  he’s obviously something of a “cult” figure, but like most cult figures, something of an acquired taste, to which I can only add that it seemed apparant by his shambolic manner, he’d acquired a taste for something, either not-exactly-legal or in unhealthy quantities. Each to their own…

As for Curse of Lono, when they re-hit the stage with Felix in his rightful place, at the helm, they took the Cluny and OWNED it. As soon as Charis started the chugging bassline for Blackout Fever, they had the audience held as Felix wove his lyrical stories.

Just such a great, tight band, great harmonies when they come together,  but as separate musicians each is top rate; Dani on keys shows versatility hopping between old-school harmonium and some sort of home-made mini-Moog come Theramin; Joe provides solid rhythm then steps forward with serious licks and scorching slide; Neil’s drum patterns compare with Charlie Watts; Charis demonstrates nice girls play bass too, as well as guys and Felix, he’s found a style, between Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Lou Reed. This isn’t a band that will bludgeon you into submission with volume and speed, instead they have an almost hypnotic beat that you’re not aware of until they subtly change gear and you find your feet tapping out of time.

If things did dip, it was only for a couple of songs when John Murry was invited back on stage for a couple of numbers; like indulging a “worse-for-wear” relative at a wedding bash. However, Lono picked it back up, and then some with their romp for home triple whammy - Don’t Look Down; Pick Up The Pieces and Valentine.

A storming night overall and the rate these guys have gained a following, next time round I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the Riverside where they call in. Best vindication I can give I went along with three friend, only one of them had encountered the Lonos before, but all of them “go it”, think they’re as hooked as I’ve been for the last couple of years.

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Re: Curse of Lono

Nice to see local groups coming up in smaller clubs.
Sounds like a mixed bag, but overall fun.

Free download from Vienna! http://mbsy.co/bNLR
Lots of unique videos of Joe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwd5vL8fXTw
Buy Joe's merchandise here. http://www.jbonamassa.com/affiliates/id … hp?id=1381

Re: Curse of Lono

John Murry is originally from Tupelo, currently based in Ireland, I think.  CoL are based in London: well worth catching these guys.

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Re: Curse of Lono

Looking forward to the new Album, albeit with some sadness,
Statement from Felix

I’m sad to announce that my brothers and sister, Neil, Joe, Dani and Charis, will not be joining me on the next leg of the Curse Of Lono adventure.

The five years I spent with the gang were the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on but sadly nothing lasts forever. Covid proved that. I wish them all the best in their current and future projects. All of them feature heavily on the new album (so give it a spin) and, while we may not make any more records or play any more shows in this formation, our friendship remains as strong as ever.

I’d like to thank the four of them for all their support and loyal dedication, the thousands of miles we covered, the graft grafted, the gigs gigged, the tracks tracked, the drinks drunk and the laughs laughed. It’s been one hell of a ride!!

Big love and I’ll see you at the bar,

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Re: Curse of Lono

Newcastle: Cluny2 - 17th May 2022

Well, just back home and with a cuppa after another superb Newcastle gig from Curse of Lono. First time in 'Toon for the Lonos for over 2 years (guess why?) and they're a different beast with a new line-up still centred around Felix, but the harmonies are intact as are the infectious driving, almost tribal rhythms though with the departure of Dani and his quirky keyboards, slide guitar is more prevalent, giving the band a more Country sound, though overall they still defy any labelling tighter than Americana. Felix' lyrics are still heartfelt and melancholy, delivered in a style like a union between Leonard Cohan & Johnny Cash.

Nice touch in that Bo {Beau?} Lucas from support duo Lucas & King who were themselves ephemeral yet haunting provided backing vocals and that new-boy drummer CJ was as adept on piano as he was behind the kit. And also have to mention [again] the excellent slide-guitar work from Joe Harvey White, taking over guitar duties from near namesake Joe Hazell. In all, a great 90 minute set built around the latest album, People In Cars. I'm prejudice since I thought this was another very strong album in the Lono canon, but hearing so much of it live, and some of the tales behind the songs, has only strengthened my opinion.

So with all the changes over the last 2 years, as well as on stage, I had to ask - this tour is more the first flight of Lono Mk II as much as last flight of the Lono name.... Pretty good test flight the past 90 minutes presented; looking forward for more and soon.

From other shows on the tour:-

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