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Topic: Why is Joe missing half the band?

I'm a huge fan. I'm going to Red Rocks tomorrow from AZ to see Joe.

The recent shows I've bee seeing on Youtube indicates NO brass section, ONE backup singer (albeit Jade is fantastic) and I'm very curious how this could be. It certainly takes away from the big sound. Nobody said anything about this when I bought tickets.

I'm sure I will love the show, but I'm also sure I'm very disappointed at the lack of a full band. These tickets cost big money, I was expecting the big shows I see every day on the site and Youtube, not watered down.

And just for the record, Joe needs a better drummer.

Re: Why is Joe missing half the band?

Quite an interesting twist of fate.

When Joe first played Red Rocks, there was quite a bit of updates here and in the posters for the concert that said "tribute to Muddy Waters and Howel'n Wolf"

People got to the concert started posting after the concert on, why wasn't I informed about it not a Joe show,  what's with the big band and all the horns?

Now we're 360 degrees back to the beginning


(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)

Re: Why is Joe missing half the band?

I sure hope you agree with me that the stripped down band took no prisoners Monday night at Red Rocks. I didn't know it was going to be a smaller group, but it was a real treat to hear so much of the Bonamassa catalogue done differently.  I got my tickets in January of 2020, so having to wait an extra year to see the show was rough.  That probably made me all the more ready for whatever Joe decided to throw our way.  And it didn't rain! Joe has had remarkable luck in that regard at Red Rocks.  So, let's see if he can top this next year, with the help of whatever classy musicians are lucky enough to be with him.

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Re: Why is Joe missing half the band?

Okay, so I'm the original poster of the thread.

I said "I'm sure I will love the show." And that I was sure I would be disappointed with the lack of the full band. I was NOT disappointed in the least!

I'm with Skinnylatte. It far exceeded any expectation I may have dreamed up, Joe absolutely ripped it up, it was unbelievably FANTASTIC! Row 5 dead center seats may have helped a little smile I was blown away! Joe is a true master and professional, and regardless if the horns and other backup singers weren't with him, Jade was inspiring and excellent with him, as well as the rest of the band, and I didn't feel like anything was "missing" from a full show. Joe gave it everything to please the crowd.

I can't say enough about what an awesome show he put on! Go see him if you haven't!

The weather was perfect, it was about 73 with a light breeze, could not have asked for a better environment. Not to mention the beauty and great sound of Red Rocks.

Re: Why is Joe missing half the band?

thanks for the review.....glad it was great for you. I remember how much I was surprised that I enjoyed the live steam , based on what my expectations were...I guess the Austin City Limits one...my last "live" Joe show. But I have faith on each one because Joe has always delivered even if in new ways