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Has anyone seen what the touring band line up is for the up coming tour? Or have I just missed it?

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I haven't heard anything but I saw Joe posted this clip of himself noodling with Pain And Sorrow and wonder if it will be the smaller band. Just a guess … =copy_link

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And here is an answer from Joe, he is replying to a comment about line up: ACL line up, 5 piece. And from that I am assuming the same set list, maybe plus Notches

   forgot to include links to Joe's instagram with answer:

      plus tour Guitars,  and one of the amps

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Thanks...its hard to see all he says there...wish i could search for his name in the comments lol

so stoked...have tix for show in December...I haven't seen Pain and Sorrow in person for a very long time. it will be cool if its in the set but its ok if not too